How to get a CSCS Card for Dry Liner

The dry lining which is sometimes known by the name dry walling is a technique in which interiors of buildings including walls and top ceiling floors are cladded. Dry liners often use plasterboard panels to create internal walls, elevated flooring in households, shops, and establishments. They apply paints instead of a wet plaster finish. Unlike traditional plastering, the dry lining does not require previous experience and only a few quantities of water are needed. Plasterboards are readily available in varying width, size, lengths and thickness. Dry lining is one of the cost-effective methods when compared to a conventional technique.

What is the significance of having a Dry liner CSCS card?

Prospective employers of construction companies in the UK demand Dry liners to carry a valid Dry liner CSCS card. It acts as proof that displays skill and experience of the workers. This card can be presented as evidence that he/she complies with health and safety standards.

If you wish to procure a CSCS card, candidates should have successfully cleared Operatives health and safety test. Moreover, they must have passed Dry lining NVQ. Those who wish to apply for a Red Dry Liner Card are required to clear the test.

In the contemporary world, plasterboards are used to develop partition walls which would exactly suit the theme of the interiors. You have the option to choose from a diverse range of plasterboards like the plus aqua board, sound and fireproofed board, etc.

Some of the advantages of dry lining are as follows:

  • Quick and well-organized

The lining is a process which helps in creating timber frame and placing plasterboards at appropriate positions. It is indeed one of the instant and convenient ways to develop partition when compared to traditional techniques

  • Dry lining offers better insulation thereby reducing the monthly electricity bills.
  • To enhance acoustics, you may consider installing sound-proof plasterboard.
  • If you intend to ameliorate the aesthetic appearance of the property, dry lining might be a great option.
  • It is extremely quick and easy to clean the skim plasterboard that reflects a perfect and even surface.

How to renew a CSCS card?

All the candidates should re-take the Operatives health, safety and environment test to renew a CSCS card. It is valid only up to five years. Dry Lining NVQ at level 2 is essential for a blue skilled workers card. On the other hand, Level 3 or more is required to attain a Gold supervisor’s card. Level 4 is needed for the ones belonging to the top-level managements like managers and supervisors.

Is it possible to obtain a card in the absence of NVQ?

Yes. It is possible to attain a red CSCS card which is non-renewable. However, candidates are required to pass a health and safety test. Besides, you are supposed to enroll for NVQ. Students have to fill up an application form and attach a valid passport size photo. Payments can be made online using a debit/credit card.


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