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How to get a CSCS Card for Painter

A painter plays a crucial role in ensuring that proper colours are applied to the walls of construction sites. It does not matter whether you have begun to paint or decorate exteriors, he/she must have undertaken a CSCS test to procure the CSCS card. Majority of the employees engaged in the construction sector bear an authentic card. It is proof that workers are competent enough to execute various tasks and act in accordance with industry standards.

If you intend to grab a Painter CSCS card, both novice and skilled artisan have to clear CSCS operative test. This exam covers people belonging to lower-level management like plumbers, welders and scaffolders. They primarily take advantage of specialist equipment’s and materials. CSCS exam consists of fifty multiple-choice questions. Students are expected to answer all the questions within the duration of forty-five minutes through touch screen computer.

Questions are based on health, awareness, safety and environmental issues. Apart from that, twelve behavioural case study questions are also included. Concerned experts of construction helpline access each delegate.

Who requires a Painter CSCS card?

Those individuals who prefer to work as a painter at construction sites may apply for painting CSCS card. The application process is extremely easy, as candidates are required to fill up a form. In order to be considered for a better CSCS card, candidates need to undertake Painting NVQ.

Which are the various types of Painting CSCS card?

  • Red Painting CSCS card is meant for painters who do not hold a painting NVQ.
  • Blue Painting CSCS card is meant for skilled painters possessing Level 2 NVQ
  • Gold Painting CSCS card is meant for painters having Level 3 NVQ
  • Black CSCS card is designed for people belonging to higher levels like Level 4 and 5

How to obtain Painting CSCS card?

If candidates succeed in clearing the exam, they may apply for the painter/decorator CSCS card. It consists of photo ID bearing candidate’s name, address, registration number along with smart chip and relevant details. Painting CSCS card automatically expires after five years. Those who wish to renew CSCS card, they are supposed to take a refresher course and retake the exam. However, students should be updated with the upcoming trends in the field of construction.

If necessary, you can download revision materials by visiting the official website of construction helpline. Then you need to revise topics multiple times prior to appearing for the test. For further assistance contact concerned experts of construction helpline. They would provide constant support and guidance in clearing the exam and ways to attain painter CSCS card.

Today, there are plenty of online mock test available in order to crack the exam and procure the CSCS card.  Each question is based on health, welfare, safety, behavioural case studies and environmental issues. Explore the official site of the company.

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