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How to get a CSCS Card for Plasterer

Aspirants who prefer to work at the construction sites as a plasterer should possess a valid CSCS card. There are diverse ranges of plastering CSCS cards available for candidates to choose from. In such cases, they may seek the assistance of Construction Helpline to select a suitable card. To register for Plasterer CSCS card, fill up a form found at the top corner of the home page. A major advantage of holding the above-mentioned card is that it would enable you to upgrade to next higher level.

Which are the different types of Plasterer CSCS card?

  • Red Plastering CSCS card is meant for the workers who does not possess NVQ
  • In order to apply for a Blue Plastering CSCS card, skilled plasterers should have Level 2 NVQ.
  • Those intending to apply for a Gold Plastering CSCS card, they need to possess Level 3 NVQ
  • Black Plastering CSCS Card is meant for workers belonging to managerial level, NVQ Level 4 and 5

Candidates are not permitted to access the workplace and undertake tasks as a plasterer in the absence of relevant qualifications. In order to tackle the problem, Construction Helpline has created a fast track program exclusively for experienced plasterers to help them attain NVQ. However, they should have five years of experience without any need to go for plastering training.

What are the requirements?

  • Have adequate experience in varying skills of plastering NVQ
  • Candidates have to competent enough to make crucial decisions, ability to solve problems and meet deadlines.
  • They must have the capacity to adjust in accordance with extensive practical assessment
  • Delegates should be confident while sharing or exchanging work-based activities with colleagues

Those individuals who have years of experience working as a plasterer and possess ample knowledge in various facets of plastering may approach Construction helpline.

Is it possible to apply for CSCS card via online?

Candidates do have the option to apply for a CSCS card through the construction helpline official website. They have accredited test centres in order to conduct the exam. Students should go through the study materials and revise it multiple times prior to appearing for the CITB test. Successful candidates will be considered to work as a plasterer at worksites located in the United Kingdom. Most of the employers demand employees to carry a valid Plasterer CSCS card to secure a job in construction companies. To get familiar with the course details, pricing and distribution of CSCS card, visit official site of Construction Helpline.

Candidates need to attach relevant documents including a valid address, photo ID, a copy of passport and driving license. The company is also conducting an extensive NVQ Level 2 Plastering Course which extends for duration of about eight weeks. Upon successful completion of the training, a valid CSCS card is issued to delegates.

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