Apply for plumber CSCS card

How to get a CSCS Card for Plumber

Plumbing refers to a series of pipes and fixtures, which are installed in residences, offices for the supply and usage of potable water along with flushing out wastages, etc. Development of sanitation facilities has always been an index of the growth of a civilization. Ever since time immemorial, great improvements have been made in sanitation facilities. It is this, which differentiates urban settlements from rural ones. In modern society, the benefits of sanitation are now being extended to rural areas, particularly in undeveloped countries. It indicates the importance of plumbing as a career option during our times.

Advantages of plumbing

  • The key advantage of plumbing is that it helps in disposing of waste matter.
  • It helps in the optimum usage of water, which is now becoming a scarce commodity.
  • It improves the hygienic condition thereby thwarting the outbreak of waterborne communicable diseases
  • It helps in keeping the environment clean.
  • Governments have laid down various specifications to regulate and moderate urbanization. A professional plumber should be conversant with these rules. Various certifications are intended to imbibe the spirit of professionalism. There are several accredited institutions, which offer certifications. JIB cards are issued to candidates who complete the CITB test
  • Each card is made available to plumbers based on occupation, years of experience.  

What are the various types of Plumbing CSCS cards?

  • A red Plumber CSCS card is delivered to individuals who are working as trainees and apprentices. It is also best suited for those intending to commence a business with years of experience but not qualified. This card implies that he/she is taking part in the training. It acts as proof that they have completed the safety training NVQ before the issue of the card. This type of card is valid for up to five years. After its date of expiry, candidates are required to undertake a refresher course and attain the CSCS card.
  • Blue Plumbing CSCS card:-

A plumber CSCS card is issued to successful candidates who have attained Level 2 NVQ. A worldwide-recognized training provider distributes each card. There are options to renew the card after five years. Candidates are required to:

  • To fill up an application form
  • Submit supporting evidence like NVQ certificate
  • Gold CSCS Card:-A Gold Plumbing CSCS cards are issued to candidates who have completed the NVQ Level 3. A recognized training provider distributes this type of card. Plumbing supervisors who have achieved Level 4 NVQ does carry the above-mentioned card.
  • Platinum CSCS card: – Platinum CSCS cards are issued to plumbing managers who have attained NVQ Level 4.
  • White CSCS Card: A white CSCS card is delivered to plumbers who are specialized in the installation of gas.
  • A Yellow CSCS card is issued to the site visitors.

Ever since the introduction of plumbing CSCS card scheme, it is essential to carry a valid CSCS card before accessing the worksite.


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