Apply for Roofer CSCS Card

How to get a CSCS Card for Roofer

Are you capable of handling tools and not afraid of heights? Then you may consider pursuing a career in roofing as it does not demand basic educational qualifications. However, an individual should be at least eighteen years of age and possessed a high school diploma from a recognized institution.

Roofer which is also referred to as a roof mechanic is a worker who is engaged in construction, repairing, replacement of damaged roofs. They use a wide range of materials such as metal, bitumen, and shingles during the construction process. It is a challenging task since it involves lifting of heavyweight objects, bending, climbing in harsh climatic conditions.

A roofer should have the potential to appropriately align shingles along with other materials to safeguard the property from rain, snow, and wind. They would initially inspect the house for any source of leakages and seal it completely. If necessary, they might install insulation and vapor barriers, slice materials to exactly fit the nooks and crannies of a place. Find Local Roofers Near you

What is meant by Roofer CSCS card?

If you intend to apply for a Roofer CSCS card, then you have to undertake the CITB Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment Test. This test is primarily conducted to spread awareness of the construction industry. Besides, workers have to comply with the standards. 

The above-mentioned is a touch-screen based computer test. A brief overview will be presented by concerned officials before the test. It would enable you to get familiar with the operations of computer, buttons, and controls. There are about fifty multiple-choice questions which have to be solved within forty-five minutes.

  • On average, thirty-eight questions are based on health and safety issues
  • Out of which twelve questions are from behavioral case studies and how to behave at the construction site to remain safe.

Which are the different types of Roofer CSCS cards?

  • Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card:-

Those who have obtained Level 2 NVQ are considered eligible to apply for a blue skilled worker card.

  • Green Laborer Card:-

CSCS Construction Laborer Card is targeted at workers who possess basic site skill sets. However, they are not supposed to use it as an alternative to an experienced worker card to access worksite.

Those who have obtained level 3 SVQ/NVQ can apply for the above-mentioned card. It is valid only up to five years. Each candidate should have successfully cleared the CITB Health, Welfare, Safety and Environment Test. Those opting for advanced craft jobs must complete an Operative/Specialist Test based on the occupation.

  • Red Apprentice Card:-

Apprentice CSCS Card is meant for entry-level positions which have been registered with a relevant training course to attain NVQ.

Aspirants who wish to become a roofer are required to clear a Specialist Working at Heights (WAH) that falls under the category of CSCS test. Roofer CSCS card is exclusively designed for the ones who are employed in a job that involves falling from a height during cleaning or construction.

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