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How to get a CSCS Card for Tiler?

If you want to work as tiler you will need a tiler CSCS card. To get the card you need to pass the tiler CSCS test and obtain the relevant NVQ showing the skills you have.

You may have had years of tiling experience or city guilds qualifications. This test is concerned with the regulations and supervision of health and safety resources.

If you want to apply for Red, Blue or Gold CSCS card, you will have to take an operative tiler CSCS test and equivalent NVQ. The operative test requires a basic understanding of the following things:

  • Risk assessment  
  • Handling and lifting
  • Analysis of hazards
  • Control of substances
  • Signs and fire drills

To apply for the gold and black CSCS cards, a level 4 NVQ and management and professionals’ tiler CSCS test is needed.


You need to pass the appropriate health; safety and environment test for the card you want and have should pass the NVQ test.  

There are two routes to pass your NVQ. For an OSAT which is on site assessment most experience tilers apply for the same.  To check and to have a proper look at your tiling work, an assessor will visit your site three or four times over a three to six month period.  NVQ Levels

  • Level 2 will require a NVQ. You have to be skilled at all forms of domestic tiling, slate and marble and should be aware of specific issues in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Level 3 requires more expertise, including tanking, plastering and the ability to work without supervision.
  • Level 4 it is a managerial or supervisory NVQ which deals with industrial aspects of tiling and machinery.

Why do you need to do these things to get CSCS card?

If you are not aware about the new regulations, signage and particular issues about substances you will need to study the tiler CSCS test. Once you have gained enough knowledge and applied basic common sense then the multiple choice questions won’t be hard.

The NVQ assessments are very tiler specific. To prove that you have the competence and the ability with different materials and adhesive, you have to go through these tests. The assessor will expect to see real sill with difficult jobs and an understanding of different job requirements, such as working at heights, working in cramped conditions and “wet” work.

A Tiler CSCS card is something that will get you works, by proving you have the skill, knowledge and ability to do the job well in many different conditions. This will increase your value to site mangers and to get you more work and higher wages.

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