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construction helpline reviews - Amit

In the Spotlight with Construction Helpline’s – Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar Baranwal – CHL Senior Associate – PPC

How long have you worked with CHL?

I joined this organization on 2nd of September 2020 and time has flown by.

What is your main responsibility?

I run the Digital Marketing processes for Construction Helpline, focusing mainly on Pay Per Click activity.

How have you seen the company grow over the years?

I have seen the company growing as we started our own courses; our revenue has also increased irrespective of the Covid situation. Also, we have hired more than 10 people in Sales team recently, who have been an integral part of maintaining our customer service excellence.

What aspect of the job do you enjoy the most?

I like creating Plans and Forecasts and strategy along with testing and reporting, as all of these together makes me a complete marketer who understands well about the business and can create campaigns. I get satisfaction from tracking campaigns and seeing how they have succeeded.

How do you see the PPC market performing and where do you think it will be in a couple of years?

PPC is performing well, its just Covid which has impacted our business quite a bit in terms of the way people search for services. Our entire team is working very hard in generating more sources of traffic, which we can utilize in future campaigns such as exploring more opportunities like affiliate and social platforms, to sell the products within our criteria whilst benchmarking aspects such as spend vs sale.

What do you like most about working with CHL?

Here we have so many great minds working together to optimize the performance at every step of the business and helping each other to grow the business along with the growth of everyone’s experience. We have a great team here, a fantastic team in the UK and we all work very closely together. We have a wide range of personalities, cultures and backgrounds and we are all inclusive, like one big, happy, business-focused family.

Tell us a fun fact about you?

I am not much of a social butterfly, but I love sharing knowledge and spending time with my children as they motivate me and keeps the child alive in me. I love solving puzzles and reading about marketing automation and developing my career goals. I find doing this in my spare time means I am focused on what I want to do in my career, and that is Digital Marketing.


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