Introducing Ask Umer – Does the CSCS card system have a future in an increasingly digital landscape?

It’s no secret that there have been teething issues with the new CSCS card system. In a bid to futureproof the system, the CSCS has moved to an online application system. Given all the discussion about the industry needing to adopt digital, this should be a positive move. However, there have been initial operational issues with the new system causing delays for some applicants.

 At Construction Helpline, we work closely with the CSCS, an organisation whose contribution to the health and safety of the sector has been very valuable. At a recent meeting with the CSCS, we have been assured CSCS online issues are now being ironed out and Construction Helpline is committed to working closely with the CSCS to make sure workers are able to get on site as fast and as safely as possible. In this blog, our CEO Umer Mansoor answers some of the industry’s burning CSCS card questions in our new bi-monthly feature Ask Umer…

Q: Does the CSCS card system still have a place in modern construction?

A: In short, yes. The industry needs to continually look to improve site worker health and safety. The CSCS card system has been a very valuable tool in giving employers and employees the confidence to work safely. The question more as I see it, is does the current system still have a place in modern construction? I have made no secret of my wishes for the construction sector to adopt a digital first approach, and in my mind getting workers on site faster and getting rid of physical cards would help with this.

Q: Why have changes been brought in to the CSCS card system?

A: The changes to the system have been brought in to help futureproof the industry. Moving the application process online helps to prevent fraud and gives faster access to health and safety information and credentials. Given that there’s a shortage of construction workers, delays in getting workers on site must be avoided at all costs.

Q: Is CSCS being phased out?

A: No. Some people in the sector have noticed the CSCS’ business model has changed over recent months, but the CSCS card system still remains. Our priority at Construction Helpline is to work with the CSCS to ensure the system is the best it can be. I held a recent productive meeting with the CSCS and felt several options for the future were explored. At Construction Helpline, we believe in a proactive approach for the industry. Understanding the industry’s issues and challenges is key to improving current practices.

Q: Is CSCS worth it?

A: Yes. If you want to work on site, the CSCS is still very much seen as a trusted system for employers. It’s also worth it from a knowledge perspective – the courses are updated regularly to include new legislation and up to date training.

Q: What will happen with the CSCS card system in the future?

A: TheCSCS is continually looking for ways to improve the system. At Construction Helpline we are also working towards creating a safer, more efficient construction workforce so watch this space!

Would you like to apply for a CSCS card? If so, you can apply here and find out which card is right for you. Got a question about the CSCS card system? Get in touch with us here!


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