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NVQ Level 2 Diploma Bronze Package for Wood Occupations

Construction Helpline’s bronze package is an entry-level product that is designed for professionals without a CSCS card or previous construction experience. Once you complete this bronze package you will be on a path to gaining an NVQ Level 2. There is no issue if you have zero experience in this field, everyone must start from somewhere. That is why we have built this NVQ package for starters who are excited about working in construction. After 6 months, people who have completed this package will gain enough experience to move onto the Silver Package.

What are the benefits of the NVQ Level 2 Diploma Bronze Package?

During this course, candidates will work diligently with an experienced assessor and supervisor. Construction Helpline provides this type of service to ensure that you maximise your chances of passing the course and that you leave with valuable knowledge in construction. Our dedicated team is confident in fast-tracking the assessment part of the course so that all required unites and documentations can be verified and submitted.

In the NVQ Level 2 Bronze package, you will also be able to gain a CSCS Blue Skilled card, which is another vital construction qualification that will sustain your career.

What is the NVQ Level 2 Diploma Bronze Package for Trowel Occupations?

The Bronze package is an entry-level product for workers without a CSCS card and/or experience, who would like to attain an NVQ Level 2. This type of package is intended for people that currently don’t hold enough practical experience.

What are Trowel occupations in construction?

Trowel occupations are construction roles that involve working with harder materials, such as concrete, metal, brick and stone. The roles that fall under this umbrella are quite creative and require immense skill and expertise. Some of the roles include:

  • Stonemasons
  • Bricklayers
  • Locksmith
  • Metal worker

Trowel occupations are in high demand in the UK, but the people themselves must be practical, who can work quickly and repetitively, often high above the ground.

The importance of Construction NVQs

Construction NVQs enable employers to create professional workers that are smart, competent and reliable. This qualification is a major staple in the construction industry as it ensures that a workforce adheres to health and safety principles, and regulatory requirements. In construction, companies are dependent on safe practices – as it ensures that projects finish on time, and to an exceptional standard.

If you are looking to join renowned construction boards and bodies, your chances of being accepted will significantly increase once you obtain an NVQ. For professional organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Builders (CIOB) and the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE), it is a requirement to hold an NVQ or CSCS card to become a member.

As a construction worker, you will be exposed to a range of different specialities that can set you onto a profitable, and enjoyable career.  However, an important principle to remember, is that you must regularly upskill yourself and complete fresh qualifications. By choosing the right NVQ qualification and CSCS card, you will become an asset to your organisation and more qualification in your specialist field. In essence, an NVQ allows you to gain essential knowledge and skills in both the theory and practical elements of your role.

If you are ready to develop your skillset and boost your construction career, then get in touch with our dedicated team on 0207 199 9800 or visit our website here to book in the NVQ Level 2 Bronze Package.


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