why should you take a citb test

  Why should you take a CITB test?

Why should you take a CITB Test? With over 61,000 non-fatal injuries in 2020, the UK construction industry is constantly looking for effective Read more...
competency on construction sites

  Competency on construction sites

Competency is a skill that workers across all industries should possess. Workers should feel equipped to do their job – this is especially important Read more...
Construction Worker

  Building site health and safety– how is effective training transforming construction?

Building site health and safety training for workers is crucial, but how is it transforming the construction industry as a whole? Our team of training Read more...
construction health and safety course

  How construction health and safety training could boost your career this new year

The new year is typically a time of resolutions and new beginnings. With our construction health and safety training, 2020 could be your best year in Read more...
AI in construction

  High risk teams – How AI in construction and health and safety training are mitigating site risks

It’s no secret that one of the challenges facing Construction Site Managers is ensuring workers and visitors stay safe on site. While the construction Read more...

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