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The basic guidelines you need to know to renew a red CSCS card

Renewing your CSCS card is always an important part of any construction worker’s career, as CSCS cards are the only means to get access onto construction sites across the UK. It is critical to note that red CSCS cards cannot be renewed, but there are different ways in which you can get a red CSCS card, and this blog will advise you how. 

What is a red CSCS card? 

A CSCS card, commissioned by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, is a physical card provided to all construction professionals who have proven they are knowledgeable in health and safety regulations. Although CSCS cards are not legislative requirements, you will not be able to gain access onto a construction site or projects without one. Red CSCS cards are temporary cards that are specialised for workers who are in the process of gaining a construction related qualification and still need a CSCS card to get on-site. 

How do I renew my red CSCS card? 

Out of all CSCS cards, red CSCS cards are the only ones that are non-renewable. The validity of each type of red CSCS card varies: 

  • Red CSCS card Apprenticeship card – valid for 4 years & 6 months 
  • Red CSCS Trainee card – valid for 5 years 
  • Red Experienced Worker card – valid for 1 year 
  • Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager – valid for 3 years 

Even though you cannot renew a red CSCS card, there are still different ways in which you can get one – by phone or via online. 

By Phone 
You can get a red CSCS card by calling us at 0207 199 9800, where one of our experienced team members will guide you through the different red CSCS cards, highlighting which one will be the best fit for you depending on your experience level. 

Via Online 
You can also get a red CSCS card by applying online at Construction Helpline. In our efforts to help digitise construction training across the UK, having the option to apply online gives you the choice to apply from any device, anywhere, anytime. 


Although renewing a red CSCS card is not possible, you can still easily apply for one at Construction Helpline to get your construction career up-and-running or to elevate your current position within the industry. 


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