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The importance of Black CSCS cards

CSCS cards have become a common requirement for all members in the construction industry, with it universally known as being a non-negotiable to be allowed access on-site without one. Even those who hold senior roles in construction need to prove their competency by holding the relevant CSCS card. This article will discuss what a black CSCS card is, the relevant qualifications needed to acquire a black CSCS card and why it is important within the construction industry.  

What is a black CSCS card? 

Holding a CSCS card comes from the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, who provide construction workers physical cards who wish to gain access on-site. Although they are not a legislative requirement, nearly all construction companies across the UK require workers to present a CSCS card upon site entry. The black CSCS card is one of the highest forms of CSCS cards available to construction professionals, showing that you can hold a managerial position on a construction site, while being aware of the health and safety standards when being on-site. A black CSCS card is valid for 5 years and is suited towards those who have management positions and high-ranking technical roles. 

What are the entry requirements to get a black CSCS card? 

Before highlighting the importance of the black manager card, it is important to know what is required before acquiring a black CSCS card. One of the very first things needed to gain a black CSCS card is a CITB Health, Safety & Environment test, specifically the type tailored for Managers and Professionals (MAP test). CITB tests, commissioned by the Construction Industry Training Board, are designed to teach construction workers the general health and safety principles when working on-site. A CITB MAP test lasts for 45 minutes with a total of 50 questions, where applicants are required to get at least 46/50 as a passing score. 

Once you have passed your CITB test, you must then achieve either a level 5/6/7 construction management/technical related NVQ or hold a pre-existing level 4 NVQ in construction management. 

Why are black CSCS cards important? 

Black CSCS cards are important because they provide additional career support, even if you hold a senior position in construction already. Holding a black CSCS card increases your employability and earning potential, as construction companies are continually looking for workers with high qualifications. In an industry where senior and highly skilled professionals are scarce, holding a black CSCS card can provide you with the opportunity to demand a higher wage than professionals who may have the qualifications, but not the CSCS card to solidify it. With construction companies moving towards being 100% CSCS competent, holding a black CSCS card, one of the most qualified and skilled cards available, will make you an asset to any construction firm. 


When holding a senior ranking position in construction, a black CSCS card can make you a more asset to your current employer by proving you are a qualified and experienced professional in the industry that is aware of the safety protocols.


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