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Trader Economics Skillsets that Save the Country

Trader Economics: Skillsets That Save The Country

It seems that being a fully qualified trader in modern times is rapidly becoming a dying art; over the last few years people have begun to see the prospect of training as a contractor as embarking on a second rate career path with relatively little pay-out for the efforts involved. People are wrong. So very, painfully wrong. In fact, the UK’s economic recovery could very well be resting on the burly, sun beaten shoulders of our building professionals.

A few years ago, the BBC reported on business leaders fearing that the apparent skills shortage was going to seriously hamper the economic growth of the continent we all call home. In 2013 there were nine areas of skills shortages in various industries (these are practical skills, mind), the next year there were forty-three. The skills shortage was (and most likely still is) most acute in the construction industry; with areas like architecture, structural engineering and bricklaying being the main disciplines seriously lacking experts.

So what’s the problem? A quantifying survey carried out in 2007 suggested that during the recession, people stopped investing in new buildings, causing experts to migrate out of the construction sector and into other areas and, apparently, the construction industry never fully recovered. Locating fresh new talent is becoming a problem as well; around 42% of school leavers feel they’re educated enough to start work but parents tend to push for higher education, feeling this will increase their offspring’s chance of gainful employment and a good career trajectory.

Without innovation in the construction sector, productivity in the UK would pretty much grind to a shuddering halt. We spend around 18 days a year sitting in traffic and that’s certainly not going to get any better without widening the roads and expanding. More traffic means we need more tradesmen!

If there’s anymore of an incentive to be had to train, how about this; the demand for tradesman has risen by almost 125% since 2008 and some plumbers and bricklayers take home around £100,000 a year alone. Emphasis on some there by the way, but at least £40,000 a year is not a bad option for budding young tradesman. Right?

Traders really are of the utmost importance, they are literally the hands that build; we’re crying out for a new traffic and housing system and without development in the housing market, our economy is going nowhere fast. Without a contractor to call, what are you going to do when your boiler breaks down? Never bathe again and freeze to death in the winter…that’s what.

If this is a path you may want to pursue, the government implores you to get trained, get qualified and get out there! Your country needs you! That’s where Construction Helpline can help. We can get you all you need to become CSCS certified and cement your reputation as a fully authenticated tradesman. So whether you’re a young up-and-coming or an experienced trader looking to get that little card to open new doors for you, give Construction Helpline a call and see what we can do for you.

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