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Concluded – Webinar: Building Bridges | Inclusion and Mental Health in Construction

Inclusion and Mental Health in Construction

Construction Helpline is passionate about making the Construction environment more inclusive and diverse by assisting aspiring professionals through training and certification. As a top training provider in the UK, it is vital we continue to provide a source of skilled workers to underpin this growing and thriving industry, which includes all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. 

Post pandemic, there are issues to address and new ways of working to overcome and that includes the mental health of employees within the industry. With these two elements key to progress, we have brought together professionals to discuss best ways forward, obstacles faced and how we take the next steps to overcome these. We also want to look at the many ways employers can act in order drive this pathway to success and ensure inclusion in one of the biggest industries in the world. 

FREE Webinar – Inclusion and Diversity in Construction on Thursday 13th May at 5 pm on ZOOM.

This is an opportunity to listen to some of the industry’s experts speaking on the issues surrounding inclusion and diversity in the Construction Industry.


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