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What are the advantages of a Black CSCS Card?

What are the advantages of a Black CSCS Card?

CSCS cards are one of the few universal forms of proof that construction workers are qualified and competent in on-site health and safety. The UK construction constantly seeks to improve the standards of construction safety across the industry, and the black CSCS card is a part of this effort. The CSCS black manager card holds the highest credibility out of all the cards that are a part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. This blog will discuss the advantages of holding a black CSCS card. 

Increased employability 

By holding a black CSCS card, you prove that you have achieved at least a level 5/6/7 construction related NVQ in either technical or construction management, some of the highest qualifications available to workers in the industry. Highly qualified construction professionals are in constant demand. With the industry facing a potential skills gap from as early as 2025, owning a black CSCS card can provide greater employability compared to not having one at all. Finding work and projects to manage should always be available. 

Increase in earning potential 

As with most occupations, the more skilled you are, the more you will be able to demand in terms of your salary. Most construction managers make upwards of £90k per annum in the industry, providing black CSCS card holders both an occupation that has a variety of responsibilities and a good wage. 

Become an important asset to your employer 

Management in construction proves you can manage multiple individuals in a fast-paced environment, with most construction managers having had years of experience in site-supervisory. With many construction companies moving towards all workers being 100% CSCS competent, being a manager and holding a black CSCS card will provide you with excellent job security as the demands for construction workers is so high worldwide. 


Gaining a black CSCS card can greatly impact your construction career, proving that you are one of the most experienced and qualified members in the industry. 


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