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Guidelines for Red CSCS Trainee Card

What are the basic guidelines you need to follow to get a Red CSCS Trainee Card?

A CSCS Card is mandatory to get access to construction sites and you’ll need to have an NVQ/SVQ qualification.

The Red CSCS Trainee Card has been specially created for tradesmen at the start of their construction careers, who are gaining experience alongside their studies in order to qualify as a skilled tradesman.

This card allows them access to site and work, for a limited time. That time has to be invested in gaining the NVQ/SVQ required to obtain the relevant CSCS Card. Since you can’t renew this card – nor can you go back to a lower level card – you can’t abuse this privilege. You have to move up to one of the skilled cards – either Blue/Gold/Black Card before the Red CSCS Trainee Card expires once and for all.

Are you looking to obtain this card but unsure about how to? Here are some basic guidelines you should follow to get this card.

  • First and foremost, you are required to register for a relevant NVQ/SVQ in your chosen trade. Make sure that qualification do lead to a proper CSCS Card (Blue/Gold/Black). Qualifications like SSSTS, SMSTS and NEBOSH General certificates are no longer valid for this card. Be warned!
  • The final requirement for getting the Red CSCS Trainee Card is passing the CITB health, Safety & Environment Test. Tradesmen who have passed this test within the last 2 years will be exempted from having to take it again.
  • The card is valid for five years and can’t be renewed.

Please note that…

Previously, there were two Trainee Cards: Trainee (Craft & Operative) Card and the Trainee (Technical, Supervisory and Management) Card. However, these two have now been merged into one: Red CSCS Trainee Card.

Why were these two cards merged? Many of the Red TSM Card holders were mistakenly pursuing qualifications (SSSTS, SMSTS and NEBOSH etc.) that didn’t comply to NVQ standard and thus wouldn’t lead to any CSCS Card. This resulted into anger and frustration both in workers and employers. The decision to fuse the cards together has sorted out that discrepancy.

At Construction Helpline, we’ve helped thousands of tradesmen start their careers by getting a trainee card. We’ve got the experience and know-how to guide tradesmen on picking the right card and test for the. So why not give us a call on 0207 199 9800 and let’s get your career off on the right track!


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