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What Construction Qualifications Do You Need In The UK?

Construction is possibility one of the most dynamic, impactful, and profitable industries in the world. Since the beginning of its time, construction has been a staple in the development of cities, economies, education, healthcare, transportation, and society. There will always be a demand for construction workers if countries continue to operate. Today, in the virus-stricken, technology-oriented economic landscape employers are turning towards candidates that possess exceptional talent and skills at their arsenal. So, what does this mean for the world of construction? This means that up skilling and completing construction qualifications is a top priority in this industry.

Construction in the UK has been badly bit by the uncertainty of COVID-19 and Brexit, many companies are relying on government support and are hesitant on hiring new workers. That is why now, in this extraordinary time, we urge you to not be complacent, and better yourself now.

The builder is one of the most popular, traditionally respected, and highly paid professions. Today, for example, the salary of a metropolitan civil engineer starts from the around £32,000, while roofers, bricklayers and concrete workers earn at least 20 – 30 thousand for their labour, and the head of the site can even get 50 – 60 thousand pounds. The salaries of executives in the industry are very respectable but are usually dependant on their experience, qualifications, and the company they work for.

While bachelor’s degrees provide students with the experience and professional skills to work in high level positions, there is still an abundance of construction qualifications that people can pursue for a significantly lower price, and for a fraction of the time required.

The most popular and important construction qualifications in the UK include:

  • Construction NVQ (National Vocational Qualification)
  • Construction Health and Safety Course
  • CSCS cards (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme)
  • CPCS Cards (Construction Plant Competence Scheme)

What is a Construction NVQ?

A Construction NVQ is a work-based construction course aimed at developing technical skills and ability in a specific construction field. There are many exciting construction roles that you will become eligible for with this course, as well as a CSCS card. Construction NVQ’s come in various levels depending on your experience, and the type of role you want to get into. Construction Helpline offers an array of Construction NVQ’s.

What is a CSCS Card?

A CSCS card is an industry license that enables you to carry out work on a construction site. Launched by the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme in 1995,its aim is to create and sustain a construction environment in which companies and workers conduct work safely, efficiently, and effectively. Although it is not a legal requirement to hold one, it is near-impossible to be hired by a company if you do not have one. Like Construction NVQ’s, there are several types of CSCS cards that are dependent on your job prospects and skills.

CPCS Cards

CPCS stand for “Construction Plant Competence Scheme” and is intended for construction workers to obtain the skills, and knowledge required to work as plant operators. Launched in 2003, CPCS cards have been set up as a mechanism to improve regulations and compliance across all workers and companies in the construction sector. If you are wanting to become a plant operator you must be in possession of one. Head over to our website here for more information on CPCS cards.

Construction Health and Safety Courses

Safety of production equipment and tools, devices, inventory, vehicles, safety, and protective devices. Checking the technical condition of construction machines and equipment. The order of technical operation of technological equipment for construction production. View our Construction Health and Safety courses here.


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