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What Do I Do if I Lose My CSCS Test Certificate?

CITB test score report and CSCS test certificate is same. Many people know CITB test score report by the name of CSCS test certificate, hence do not get confused around the words. This is an impotant certificate which is valid for 2 years from the date of passing CITB test and plays a vital role in applying for a CSCS card. Hence, you should always keep that with you as proof of health, safety and environment certificate.

As a human being it is very normal that we miss place our documents. Now the question arises what happen if the CITB test certificate lost and what should you do if that happens?

Once your CITB test certificate lost , it will create a problem while applying for CSCS card as this is the proof that you have gone through with the health, safety and environment test. The information printed on the CITB or CSCS test certificate might be needed. If you have lost it, you need to take a duplicate copy of the test report. Now you will be thinking how you can ask for a duplicate copy of it?

You need to get in touch with the authority you have applied your CITB test from and raise a request for the duplicate copy of your test report. Since the test is valid for 2 years and it might be a case that you forgot the company you placed the order for the test with. In that scenario pickup your phone and call to CITB where you can place a request for the duplicate copy of your CITB test report. CITB will go through with couple of question to verify that they are sharing the information to the right person. CITB may ask for your complete name, date of birth, national Insurance Number, your home address to validate the request. There might be a fee to issue another copy of your test report.

Once you fullfil all the requirements raised by CITB, your CITB test report will be posted at your door-step.

You may contact with Construction Helpline for more information and our team will be happy to assist you with your queries.


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