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What is SSSTS Training

What is SSSTS Training?

Link: https://www.constructionhelpline.com/cscs/sssts-training 

What is SSSTS training? 

With thousands of reported injuries amongst construction site workers each year, the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is an essential course for those who are currently working as a site supervisor or is intending to do so. It is mainly aimed to those with supervisory responsibilities or those who need to understand their legal duties as a construction site supervisor. Such examples include team leaders, foremen, gangers, first line managers or site supervisors. 

The SSSTS course was developed by CITB and is part of the CITB Site Safety Plus range of courses which are readily available through its network of CITB accredited providers (such as Construction Helpline). The SSSTS training course has been designed to deliver a nationally recognised and accredited qualification for site supervisors who operate and work in the construction industry. 

Course participants are able to obtain relevant knowledge, uncover the legal responsibilities and legislation associated with running a busy construction site: health and safety, welfare and environmental policies. It is essentially structured training to ensure course participants gain a thorough understanding of their legal responsibilities to ensure onsite safety at all times through means of proactive monitoring, instructing and supervising. 

SSSTS training – who is it for? 

It is suited for individuals who would like to improve their employment and earning prospects, or for those who would like to work towards a role which involves supervisory duties of a construction site. Enrolling onto an SSSTS training course is part of continuing professional development (CPD) – which is a strategic way to further develop your career within the construction industry. 

Who can enrol in SSSTS training? 

SSSTS training is open to anyone working within the construction industry. No previous qualifications or academic requirements are required to enroll or take part in the SSSTS training course. 

However, there are mandatory entry requirements: 

  • You must be able to read, write and understand English to a good level. 
  • You must provide a valid form of ID on the first day of the course. Such examples include a copy of your passport or driving license.  

Is the SSSTS course hard to pass? 

Despite the SSSTS course being challenging and rigorous – thousands of course participants successfully pass each year in the UK. It is an intensive course but has been designed that way to give course participants who successfully pass – a recognised qualification that holds weight within the construction industry.  

How is the SSSTS course structured? 

The SSSTS course is run over two days and upon successful completion, course participants are granted a certificate that indicates they’ve passed the SSSTS course.  

The SSSTS course itself is divided into different units to allow course participants to explore and gain knowledge that is relevant to running a construction site. Several examples of topics covered include learning and understanding the importance of the Health and Safety at Work Act; discovering the challenges you’ll likely to face as a construction site supervisor and how to overcome them. The course also guides course participants on how to give effective talks and short presentations, as site supervisors often have a workforce to supervise, particularly talks concerning health and safety, occupational health and how to ensure professional behaviour is followed whilst working onsite. Other topics which are also covered within the SSSTS training course are risk assessments, fire prevention and control and gaining a clear understanding and need for proactive and reactive monitoring of a construction site. 

How is the SSSTS course assessed? 

To successfully complete the SSSTS course, participants must complete a multiple-choice test and deliver a ‘toolbox talk’ to the other attending course participants. Only if you pass both of these elements of the SSSTS course, you’ll be awarded the SSSTS certificate (CITB Site Safety Plus certificate) which is issued on completion and remains valid for the next 5 years. 

What happens if I fail the SSSTS course? 

If you fail to pass the first time, you will need to enroll for a SSSTS reassessment within 90 days of the original course date at an additional charge. Once you pass the SSSTS reassessment course, you will then be awarded a SSSTS certificate (CITB Site Safety Plus certificate). 

How do I renew my SSSTS certificate? 

You must undertake and complete the 1-day SSSTS refresher training course before your existing SSSTS certificate expires. If you fail to successfully renew your existing SSSTS certificate before it expires, you will need to re-take the full SSSTS course and assessment. Upon successful completion of the refresher course, course participants are then able to renew their SSSTS certificate for another 5 years and may continue (legally) to run a construction site as an accredited site supervisor. 

Does SSSTS go on a CSCS card?  

There is no physical ‘SSSTS card’. When you apply for further qualifications or to construction site supervisory roles, you simply list your SSSTS certification. Fortunately, having a SSSTS certification gives employers reassurance that you’re a competent and committed construction professional. 

Do you need SSSTS to do SMSTS?  

No, you do not need to be SSSTS certified in order to complete the SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training) course. However, it is recommended to complete the SSSTS course prior to progressing onto the SMSTS course. Many existing SSSTS certified holders undertake the SMSTS course to further enhance their skills and career prospects. It’s particularly for those who are keen in seeking leadership or site management roles within the construction industry. 

How to enroll in a SSSTS training course 

Open SSSTS training courses are available through a network of CITB accredited providers (such as Construction Helpline). Simply book a SSSTS training course online or book a SSSTS training course at a training centre near you. For any immediate queries, please call our helpline on 0207 199 9800

Our SSSTS course meets the required standard for all supervisors working on Build UK sites. 


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