what is significance of CSCS test

What is the Significance of CITB Health, Safety & Environment test?

It is very important to be successfully qualified for everyone working in the construction industry. The CITB Health, safety, and environment (H, S & E) help the worker to know that the other workers will not put them at risk of injury. CITB test is a standard CSCS test which is the best way to prove to other employers that you are qualified to do your job. This test plays a vital role in getting a CSCS card.

Types of CITB test

There are three types of CITB test which are mentioned below:

  • CITB operatives H, S & E test: This test is used in getting CSCS cards like red trainee card, red experienced worker card, red experienced technician, supervisor or manager card, blue skilled worker card, yellow site visitor card, gold advanced card, and green construction site operative card.
  • CITB specialist H, S & E test: This test is used in getting CSCS cards like blue skilled worker card and grey construction-related occupation card.
  • CITB managers and professionals H, S & E test: This test is used in getting CSCS cards like red graduate card; red experienced technicians, supervisor or manager card; black manager card and white professionally qualified person card.

Significance of CITB test

While working in the industry of construction, a lot of industrial accidents and risks can be associated, which results in financial costs, personal grief and negative publicity? So by qualifying the CITB Health, safety and environment test, it can help in increasing the knowledge of the worker on the areas that are concerning health and safety standards. An individual who qualified this test will be granted a CSCS card. One of the main purposes of this CSCS card can be identification.

What does the CITB test involve?

This test is usually taken online as it is a multiple-choice questionnaire. There are 50 questions in the test which you have to complete in 45 minutes. Out of 50 questions, you will need to get 45 correct answers. The questions are based on behavioural case study and knowledge. If prepared well, it is not difficult to crack this test.

Where to prepare?

There are various reference materials that are given below:

  • Relevant revision books related to health
  • DVDs
  • Question and answer books
  • Mobile apps
  • Sample question papers
  • Watching the set-out film, free video presentation
  • Training course


The CITB health, safety, and environment test is taken in order to increase the standard across the industry of construction. Qualifying the CSCS test helps in increasing the knowledge of the worker on the areas concerning health and safety standards. There are four major guidelines of this test: environmental; community health & safety; construction & decommissioning and occupational health & safety. The CSCS card plays a very important role in getting the CSCS card. There are three CITB tests: operative; specialist and managers & professional test. It can be book online or by post or by phone.


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