What Opportunities are Available after Getting a Green CSCS Card

What Opportunities are Available after Getting a Green CSCS Card?

There are a dozen CSCS Cards overall but none as popular as the Green CSCS Card. As per one estimate, almost 70% of tradesmen who go for a CSCS Card, get themselves a Green CSCS Card. Would you like to know why?

It allows you to be whatever you want to be in construction industry. Why? Let’s see below

Be what you want to be: This card is useful to people who are still looking to find the trade best suited to their skills and aptitude. Get the card and work as a labourer till you find your true calling. Carpenter, electrician, plumber or roofer: be what you want to be.

Learn the trade on-the-job: Whether you want to learn carpentry or plumbing, bricklaying or tiling, this is your stepping stone to success. The card allows you access to sites and hosts of opportunities. You can get on-the-job training in whatever trade that suits you and then work your way up the hierarchy.

This card is easy to obtain: There is just a one-day “Health & Safety Awareness Course” to take and a 45-minute “CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test for Operatives” to pass and the card is yours for the taking. Easy, right?

Any tradesman can use it: skilled or unskilled: To be precise, Green Card is meant for unskilled labourers and so there is no requirement of NVQ. However, in practical terms, it’s also being used by skilled tradesmen like carpenter, joiner, plumber or even electrician who can’t obtain the Blue CSCS Card for the lack of required qualification (NVQ level-2 or higher). The main motive of buying the CSCS Card is to gain access to sites and as long as you are getting that, it doesn’t matter which color the card has.

The Green CSCS Card is renewable and valid for five years.

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