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What Should you Do When Your CSCS Card has Expired

What should you do when your CSCS Card has expired?

CSCS Cards don’t last forever (they last for anything up to five years). One day your CSCS Card will expire – and you’ll need to act fast to get a new one, especially if you want to continue working on construction sites across the country.
Not sure, what to do when your CSCS Card has expired? Then read the guide below.

Check when your CSCS Card is going to expire
Different CSCS Cards are valid for different periods of time – for example the Red Provisional CSCS Card is valid for six months, while the Blue Skilled CSCS Card is valid for five years. The key is to know exactly when yours is going to expire. Google Online Card Checker – a great resource to check the status of your card.

Check if you can renew your CSCS Card
It may be that the card you previously held cannot be renewed once it has expired. In which case you need to check which card you are eligible for, or do the necessary courses to get the card you want. Find Tradesmen Jobs near you

You have more time to renew it than you think
You have a one year window to renew your CSCS card; from 6 months prior to expiry to 6 months after that. Make sure you do it within this window or this will just make things extremely difficult for you later on.-

What if I want another card after my CSCS Card has expired?
First off you need to ensure that you meet the qualification criteria. And if you don’t, make sure that you take the necessary qualifications that you need to get a higher level CSCS Card.

You have to pass CSCS test. Again.
Tests are a pain at the best of times. But in this case there’s no two ways about it: you have to pass the CSCS Test again if you want to renew your CSCS Card. With CSCS Test Centre’s across the country, taking the test shouldn’t be too difficult.

My CSCS Card has expired and is no longer valid. What should I do?
This is a great reason why you need to keep up with the latest developments on CSCS so you don’t get caught out if your card is no longer being issued. If do you find that your card has expired and you need a new card, here’s a few things you could do?

– Check if there’s a new card coming in place of the expired card – and if you’re eligible. If you’re not, then make sure you take the first steps in becoming eligible.
– Check if you are eligible for any other cards – this will save you valuable time (and money!) when you apply for a new CSCS Card
The key thing to do when your CSCS Card has expired is not to panic – follow the above steps and you’ll be walking on site with your brand new valid CSCS Card in no time!


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