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Health and Safety Test

Where Can I Book my Health and Safety Test?

Health, Safety and Environment are a generic word concerned to protect the health and safety of workers and the public as well as the environment from risks connected to the construction workplace

The Health, Safety & Environment Test which is also recognized as the CSCS Test is a comparison of your basic understanding of safety rules that should be taken while operating on site. There are many tests ready covering many jobs and the various rules that should be taken into account while operating with some equipment or on specific work zones.

The main benefit of the test, is the simple one: stopping events such as fractures, sicknesses, and harmful environmental propaganda.

Where can I take my Health Safety & Environment Test?

There we can find more than 150 certified Test Centers everywhere. When utilizing the booking form you can locate the test center nearest and most useful to you.

The Health & Safety test will only need 45 minutes to finish and will introduce 50 multiple-choice questions. When you qualify for the test, you will be awarded your certificate at the testing center, which will be legitimate for 2 years to apply for a CSCS card. After a successful CSCS card application, the validity of your test is continued till the expiry of your CSCS card 

Importance of CITB test

While serving in the industry of construction, a lot of mechanical mishaps and risks can be connected, which occurs in financial losses, personal anxiety, and adverse publicity. So via passing the CITB Health, safety, and environment test, workers can get more awareness of their well being. It can assist in improving the awareness of the workings on the states that are affecting health and safety standards. A person who has passed for this test can apply for a CSCS card. 

What does the CITB test include?

This test is normally taken online and it comprises multiple-choice type questions. There you can notice 50 questions in the test which you need to accomplish in 45 minutes. Out of 50 questions, you will require to get 46 right answers. The questions rely on behavioral case study and experience. If planned well, it is not hard to solve this test.

Below are helping sources will help you to prepare for the CSCS test

Many source materials are provided below:

  • Proper review books correlated to health
  • DVDs
  • Question banks with solving answers
  • Mobile applications
  • Sample question papers
  • Free video presentation
  • Training 


The CITB health, safety, and environment test are conducted to raise the standard across the business of construction. Passing the CSCS test assists in improving the knowledge of the worker on the sections involving health and safety standards. The CSCS card represents a very significant position. There will be three CITB tests: operative; specialist and managers &professional test. You can book for the test by calling the authority or by the online process. For more details contact the team of Construction Helpline.


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