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sssts course

Why do I need to take an SSSTS course?

What is an SSSTS course?  

Highly regarded by the Build UK society, the Site Supervisory Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) is a fundamental training course that aims to improve the quality and safety of work across all construction sites. Throughout the course, you will be exposed to important scenarios underlying health, safety, and environmental issues so that you become aware of them, and know-how to resolve them. The SSSTS course also covers the legal requirements that a company must follow while operating on a construction site.   

By the end of the SSSTS course, you will have a good understanding in: 

  • Apply technical skills to create a safe working environment  
  • Ensuring that your organisation is exercising health and safety principles 
  • Undertaking risk assessments and creating a method statement  
  • Conducting briefs to the team and the company,  
  • Inducting new starters on to the site 
  • Overseeing all the operations on the site  
  • Identifying issues with work that is being carried out  
  • Addressing problems associated with health, safety, and environment 

The overview of an SSSTS course:  

This course is backed by the United Kingdom Contractors Group (UKCG), which is a renowned body that establishes a standard of practice for all construction professionals and companies. The SSSTS course aims to help workers better understand health, safety, welfare, and environmental principles in construction. This course also trains candidates on the legal requirements surrounding on-site operations and projects. In conclusion, SSSTS courses are vital for all.  

What components of construction does the SSSTS course cover?  

  • Health and Safety at Work Act  
  • Problems and Challenges that workers face on-site  
  • Toolbox communications  
  • Occupational Health supervisory  
  • Behavioural Safety  

Why should I complete an SSSTS course?  

The SSSTS course is an industry-leading training course for all on-site supervisors and managers. It is the first step of understanding all the health and safety principles associated with working on a construction site, where people are working at heights, with heavy machinery, and hazardous materials. Once you complete an SSSTS course you will be put on the right path to become a supervisor across any construction sites.  

As the supervisor or manager on a construction site, workers will be using you as the first point of contact for any concerns or issues related to work. This means that you put on yourself a huge commercial and moral responsibility for the performance of the company. Regardless of the size and type of industrial work that the company does, you must have an enormous amount of responsibility. When completing an SSSTS course you will achieve an all-rounded understanding of your specialty and the industry that you are working in.  

What certificates will you receive?  

  • A CITB certificate  
  • An SSSTS certificate  

Note: This qualification will need to be renewed once every 5 years.  

What are the changes to the SSSTS Refresher course?  

Candidates must take an SSSTS Refresher course before their existing certificate expires, otherwise, the full SSSTS course will have to be taken again.  

Why choose Construction Helpline for your SSSTS course?  

In conclusion, completing SSSTS courses are a vital step for every construction worker in pursuit of a successful career. Construction Helpline is one of the leading construction training companies in London that offers SSSTS courses. Through industry-leading insights and our dedicated team, we will deliver this training course in the most valuable and effective way. To apply for an SSSTS course please put down your details on our page, or send us an email at query@constructionhelpline.com


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