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Why should you complete a SEATS course?

SEATS stands for Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme, and it is a highly popular construction course that brings light to environmental issues faced on a construction site. The SEATS training course is a single day training session that is conducted under the rules and regulations established by the CITB board.  

Why are SEATS courses important? 

The SEATS course primarily deals with the natural environment consequences faced on a construction site, including: 

  • excessive consumption of energy resources, which leads to the depletion of natural resources, especially non-renewable ones; 
  • changes in the environment and landscapes 
  • overloading the transport system, which leads to atmospheric pollution; 
  • negative impact on the waterways 
  • an increase in the amount of household and industrial waste; 
  • shading of areas where construction is carried out, which leads to a deficit of sunlight, which is necessary for the life of flora and fauna; 
  • locations become less resistant to earthquakes; 

By completing the SEATS course, you improve your knowledge in solving day to day issues. SEATS were created to ensure that the environmental impact is lessened due to the construction site. 

The SEATS course also trains you on the environmental pieces of the HS&E test. During the training module, our team and assessors will discuss, at length, about the sustainability of the environment. We will also cover the relevant legislation and best practices on the construction site so that workers can better implement solutions. 

What is the SEATS course? 

Essentially, the SEATS course delivers insight on ensuring that the construction site follows strict rules and regulations on maintaining environmental laws. 

Why is taking a SEATS course essential in construction? 

SEATS training is a very popular course in construction, as it has many benefits that will last you for your entire career. Being able to exercise responsible environment practices, is not only vital for your career development, but also for the performance of the construction company.  

If you deliver responsible environmental practices, then you will ensure that the company image will have a positive light from a PR point of view.  

The SEATS course will cover the following topics: 

  • Why is the environment important? 
  • A preliminary understanding of Environmental Management Systems 
  • Site waste management 
  • Prevention of pollution and water management 
  • The usage of energy and resources 
  • How you can become a responsible contractor 
  • Understanding the principles of statutory nuisance, communications, archaeology, and heritage 

To achieve a CITB Site Environment Awareness Training Scheme (SEATS) certification, a final test will be launched by the supervisors. 

If you are a contractor or construction worker that holds a SEATS certificate, you will be endorsed by The UK Contractors Group (UKCG) and the Environment Agency (EA) (which is a major advantage in your construction career). 

Many companies across the UK offer their workers grants and funding to complete a CITB SEATS training courses. So, we strongly recommend that you get in touch with your line manager about this.  

How do I apply for the SEATS Training Course? 

Firstly, you must hold a valid CITB Site Safety Plus certificate which stays valid for the next 5 years. To continue being certified, everyone must re-take the SEATS course if they want to remain certified in the expanse. 

To apply for this course, please visit our website here, or send us an email on query@constructionhelpline.com

Why should you apply for a SEATS course now? 

With the pandemic and Brexit reaping havoc in the UK, the outlook has turned towards upskilling and achieving new qualifications. The SEATS course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to comply with all construction and environmental legislation in the UK. To book your SEATS training course, do not hesitate to visit our page.  


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