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Construction Health and Safety Courses

Nowadays, even the most qualified and well-trained professionals in construction and other fields fail to obtain jobs in prominent companies, thanks to the tough competition within the market. This doesn't mean that you should down tools when searching for a great job. The solution to your problems is simple: join a Health and Safety Course in order to get the certification and skills that are in demand within the construction industry. This will allow you to gain a higher level CSCS card,something which employers definitely want from their employees.

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Health and safety course is to teach an applicant about the most common hazards of health and safety in the workplace and the reduction of these hazards. In this CSCS course, there are various levels. These levels are explained below one by one:

  • Level 1 course: Level 1 of the Health and Safety Courses outline the effective methods to reduce workplace hazards. It covers introduction, risks, conditions, and procedure of the workplace
  • Level 2 course: In this level 2 course, the applicants are provided with the refresher training and the requisite knowledge that is required to deliver a safe working environment within your organization. This test covers introduction to health and safety laws; workplace safety and welfare; risk assessment; manual handling and ergonomics; hazardous substances and working at height and noise, vibration and vehicle safety.
  • Level 3 course: In this level 3 course, the deep knowledge of the areas of health and safety is provided to an applicant. This course delivers information on how to undertake effective risk assessments and implement appropriate measure controls. This course covers legislation and risk assessment; reporting and investigating accidents; the workplace and work equipment; electricity; fire and explosion control measures and various others.

There are various types of construction health and safety courses that are given below:

Applying is simple and easy! In order to book the Green CSCS Labourer Card, One Day Safety Course or any other course, please call us on 0207 199 9800 and one of our customer representatives will be more than happy to help.You can also apply online after choosing from wide range of CSCS Training Centres across the UK.

The Health and Safety Courses are designed for all the workers who want to work in the field of construction. The process of booking the CSCS course online is very easy. If you want to work in the construction industry, then we at the Construction Helpline can help you to book CSCS course. Or if you want any query related to the field of construction, then we will provide you proper guidance which is very helpful for you. We will help you with each and every step where you will get stuck. Each course is suitable for a unique role for the workers on the construction site. The CSCS card is provided to the delegate having the validity according to the courses. The certificate is accredited by CITB. Some of these courses can be renewed again and some cannot. But firstly, you need to follow the step of booking in which you need to click on the book courses option, and then you need to fill all the information that is required so that we can help you to apply for the CSCS card on behalf of you.

The topics covered within the course are:

  • Health and Safety Law.
  • Fire Prevention and Control.
  • Risk Assessment and Method Substances.
  • Developing Health and Safety Management System.
  • Working at Height.
  • Manual Handling.
  • First Aid.
  • Methods for motivating the employees towards the Safety Behaviours, Site Inductions and Tool Box talks.

The course possess a range of benefits for every employee on a construction site, providing knowledge on how to handle any emergency situation, as well as how to apply safety measures when working on heights. Other particular benefits include:

  • Gives every individual a good idea and knowledge about preventing any mishaps at the construction site.
  • Presents practical awareness while working at the top spot at extreme heights.
  • Lets you manage over possible occupational dangerous working situations.
  • Trains you to apply for the emergency first aid practise while on the job.
  • Gives a basic understanding of fire prevention and control of harmful and dangerous substances.
  • Teaches you legal knowledge, mainly on health and safety issues.
  • The employees who have received formal qualifications feel more valued, supported and engaged within the organisation.
  • Qualifications present reassurance about individual’s confidence and ability.