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How to Book the CSCS Test in Andover?

To have a CSCS card to authenticate your skill set, passing CSCS test is must necessary. CSCS card from the Construction Skills Certification Scheme is the dominant expertise card scheme for you individuals who are employed in construction industries, ensuring that they are updated and can justify an agreed level of professional competence.

It is must to pass CSCS Test in Andover for individuals like you, who want a CSCS test in the particular location. This test is necessary because it will verify your identification and displays employers that you have the appropriate qualifications, training, and experience to carry out your work on a construction site.

Applying for the CSCS Test in Andover

Although CSCS is not the legal requirement, more and more contractors are making the scheme compulsory for their construction sites to maintain health and safety.

Anyone of you employed or stopping over a construction site to visit the client or contractor may have to present your CSCS card. It is very important that you carry the right CSCS card for the type of work you tackle. If you do not carry your card, or remove the wrong card, your entry to the construction sites may be rejected. You will get the card only in case you have passed CSCS test in in Andover.

Prerequisites for applying for a CSCS test

For applying for the CSCS card, certain prerequisites are necessary to fulfil. Some of them are mentioned here below;

  1. Pass the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test according to your occupation.
  2. Apply for the suitable card and to know whether which card is suitable for your occupation, and then click on the card finder.
  3. For a better experience, you can ask experts of the field like

Different types of card you can apply for

  1. Red trainee card
  2. Red Experienced worker (Temporary card)
  3. Red Experienced technician, supervisor or manager
  4. Red trainee (technical, supervisory or management)
  5. Blue Skilled worker
  6. Black Manager Card
  7. Yellow Construction Site Visitor Card
  8. Gold Advanced Craft supervisory
  9. White Professionally Qualified Person
  10. Laborer Card

How to Apply

Applying a CSCS test in Andover has been made easy by us at With us, you apply for CSCS Card smoothly by matching your qualification and expertise with the different types of cards available for the construction industry.

For more help, you can call at the number available at the website.

How will you receive the CSCS card ?

Most of your cards will arrive at your requested destination within 20 working days of your submitted application. If your card has not been shipped to your desired destination within five weeks of your application, then please contact us. After 90 days of your request, we will consider it as closed and extra payment will be enforced to reprocess your application.

Let us help you!!

We at Construction Helpline will offer you CSCS card apply CSCS card renewal and test qualification services.

We provide you a lot of services related to revision material, test related DVDs, and sample test papers for practice.

We will also help you to renew your CSCS card after 5 years when it will be expired. We will notify you 6 months prior to the renewal date and will make the renewal smooth like a cakewalk.

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