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CSCS Card 2022

Being a skilled tradesperson within the construction industry in 2022 is something countless contractors are looking for. And holding a CSCS card is a big part of being classified as a 'skilled worker'. Employers are increasingly making CSCS cards a mandatory practice for their site workers. The CSCS Card helps companies and their clients to be sure that, health and safety practices are not only understood, but also being followed rightly.

CSCS cards are physical proof that you are rightly qualified and have the appropriate training to work and perform tasks safely on-site. By ensuring an entire workforce in the construction industry is proficient in health and safety knowledge ensures improved safety standards across the sector, and results in minimising casualties and injuries.

Why do you need to have a CSCS Card?

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), is the UK construction industry's number one skills certification scheme. Many principal contractors require individuals to carry a CSCS Card in order for them to access and operate within a building construction site environment. It acts as proof that the CSCS Card holder has been officially trained in the health and safety of their respective trade and that they hold industry recognised qualifications.

There are many benefits of obtaining your CSCS Card. Hence, one should know the eligibility of basic CSCS Card. In order to obtain the basic CSCS Card which is alo know as "Provisional Red CSCS Card", one has to just pass the CSCS Test. This Provisional Card is valid for just 6 months and one can get this only once in a life time. After the expiration of validity of this CSCS Card everyone will have to go for 5 Year card. Here are the brief beneits of having your own CSCS Card:

  • Open up new opportunities
  • Some construction companies will be looking to only use contractors and tradesmen with CSCS cards, as it proves they have the right health and safety knowledge and are qualified to do the job.

  • The CSCS Card is an Authentic Proof of Construction Qualification
  • Your CSCS card not only shows proof of your identity but it also proves that you are a competent individual in your area of expertise based on your CSCS cards colour.

Accidents and mishaps on construction sites cost firms billions of pounds every year, so individuals need to be able to prove that they have a solid understanding of health and safety. Although it is currently not mandatory for workers to obtain a CSCS card. However, the message from more and more construction firms is very clear: No CSCS card? No access on-site. So, GET YOUR CSCS CARD TODAY!

How to Apply for a CSCS card?

Before applying for a CSCS card you will need to decide which colour of card you specifically need for your occupation and level of training. Below is a summary of all the available cards:

GREEN CSCS Card - Basic Skills for general labourer
For CSCS card applicants who are not trainees and do not have any specific trade skill but, looking to work in construction industry should apply for Green CSCS Card ……
Green CSCS Card

BLUE CSCS Card – Semi Skilled Worker
In order to gain the CSCS Blue card for Skilled Worker you will need to have achieved an NVQ or SVQ level 2...
Blue CSCS Card

GOLD CSCS Card - Skilled Worker and Supervisors
Applicants for the CSCS Gold Skilled Worker card must have achieved an NVQ or SVQ level 3, or have completed an approved indentured apprenticeship such as with NJCBI, BATJIC…
Gold CSCS Card

BLACK CSCS Card - Senior Manager
Previously known as the Platinum Card this is for applicants who are managers on a construction site. You will need to have achieved an NVQ or SVQ level 4 or 5 in a relevant occupation…
Black CSCS Card

YELLOW/WHITE CSCS Card – Professionally Qualified Person (PQP)
This route is for those who have completed certain construction related degrees, HND’s, HNC’s, CIOB Certificates and NEBOSH diplomas…
Academically Qualified CSCS Card

WHITE – Construction Related Occupation (CRO)
Applicants who do not fit into any other type of CSCS card would be legible for this card which covers construction related occupations not covered by the other categories of card…

RED – Provisional CSCS Card
Applicants who are working through probationary periods whilst employers assess their suitability for employment…
Provisional CSCS Card

Next you will need to book a CITB Test at a CSCS Card centre close to you. With CSCS card centres situated the length and breadth of the UK, you will be sure to find one that is nearby - see below for an extensive list of locations or call us on 020 7199 9800 NOW!

Being a trusted company in construction certification, we have our own CSCS Course centers across the UK. You may book your CSCS Courses such as One Day Course, Lifetime Validity Course, SMSTS Course, SSSTS Course, NVQ Course etc with us at your convenience. To know more click here.

CSCS Card Application

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