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Ergonomic Manipulating Machines Level 2 NVQ

NVQ Level 2 Ergonomic Manipulating Machines is a competency-based Diploma certification that opens up new doors of opportunities for construction field workers. The Diploma certification is accredited within the construction field by top-rated employers.

Eligible candidates are offered a chance to boost their career within this work field for a higher pay scale. The certification is also a gateway for candidates who want to develop or specialize their skills with handling over lift cranes and other such equipment.

The candidates develop the skills to handle the machines using a remote control device to perform the task of shifting or lifting heavy loads at the work site.

What is this?

The certification course is designed to help offer the right level of training to the interested candidate within the construction field. Using the course as the base, the candidate will be able to develop his skills and knowledge to work in the construction field area.

The course proves helpful for gaining knowledge via practical training and assessment for operating lifting cranes and moving or transferring load from one point to another.

The candidate undergoing this training program develops his sense of coordinating and working along with other employees at the workplace. the course is accredited by the CITB and CPCS authorities for maintaining national standards.

The candidate will also be able to regulate, operating, and prepare the ergonomic manipulating machines for completing the task on his own.

Why it is required?

The CPCS course will offer the candidate with training related to performing different types of tasks, including handling and operating different types of ergonomic manipulating machines, cranes, and equipment for plant operations.

During eh course duration, the candidate will also develop his skills for using forklifts and extracting machines and equipment for performing plant operations at the work site. As a part of his daily task, he will be exposed to lift and transfer loads using different types of cranes and lifting machines and perform works on the platform along with distributing and laying of load on the mobile platforms.

He will be exposed to mandatory tasks at the work site along with processing, compacting, and securing loads within the plant operations.  The course is designed to follow strict guidelines and standards as per the national demands.


The main criteria when getting registered for this course is that the candidate needs to possess his valid certification for safety and health welfare (CPCS card) at least at the entry level or equivalent Level 1. For candidates who wish to opt for high card scheme or equivalent will have to try and score 16 credit points via 160-hour learning sessions along with 80 hours of sessions under guidance.

The scores are expected to be collected by the candidate from mandatory and optional units under the selected category depending on the expertise level of the candidate.

How to apply?

www.constructionhelpline.com web portal will offer candidates with an opportunity to appear for the CPCS test under the relevant card scheme. The web site will offer complete guidance to the candidate to help him score passing grades for the assessment test. Candidate can also log online for registering for Construction NVQ certification and Diploma course.

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