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Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes Level 2 NVQ

For candidates who wish to pursue their bright career within construction operation plants have an option to apply for NVQ Level 2 Pedestrian Operated Tower Cranes diploma certification. It is obvious that the diploma can only be applied by the candidate who is already holding a certification or experience in this field. So if you are proficient in handling tower cranes, then Pedestrian operated tower crane certification is the right option.


In order to efficiently apply for the diploma certification, it is obvious that the candidate should possess the right level of certification and qualification. Holding a degree from a university in any of the graduate faculty will always be considered as an added advantage. Along with this, it is also important for the candidate to hold a valid CPCS certification in construction operations.

The tower cranes are machines that require professional skills if you want to operate them efficiently at the work site. So, if you are already a valid Red CPCS card holder issued by the CPCS, it will always be considered as an added benefit for the candidate.


Any candidate who is already expertise in handling tower cranes is eligible and can thus apply for the diploma or CPCS Blue card. The moment the candidate gets his diploma certification, he is also eligible for applying for the job position to work as the tower crane operator.

Key unit for applying

It is obvious that the right candidate will only be offered with the chance to seek admission for the diploma course. During this duration, the candidate will have to develop his skills in handling tower cranes. At the same time, the candidate will also have to develop his skills to follow all safety measures that he may have to observe when at the work station.

The candidate will have to learn all skills that are important for him to handle and lift heavy load overhead from a stationary platform to a mobile platform. This means that his skills have to be efficient in moving loads of different weight from one platform to another. This skill will always showcase the expertise level of the operator to maintain and handle these cranes.

Value offered

The moment any candidate has already completed with the CPCS course (including classroom sessions and workshop training), it is certain that the candidate will be awarded the diploma certification.

The certification will prove helpful for any candidate who wishes to continue with his further education in this field and opt for a Blue card issued by CPCS agency.

Why opt for NVQ level 2 diploma certification?

There certainly are many reasons why numbers of crane operators are currently opting for NVQ diploma presently. One of the main reasons is that the NVQ certification is accredited by employers and companies around the UK and other places.

This means that holding NVQ diploma certificate also increases your chances of being selected by the employers even without any interview session. So, if the process of getting selected in very competitive, then NVQ diploma will always cut down the competition for you.

You always have bright chances that you will not be rejected by the HR team for any job opening in the construction operations field. Construction NVQ testing system is always considered as an added benefit for eligible candidates.

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