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Benefits of a career in Drylining

When we decided to start our Skills Bootcamps in Drylining, which are designed & delivered by us at Construction Helpline, Drylining was an occupation that stood out to us in the construction industry. A career in Drylining has many benefits that will aid both the individuals getting trained in the role, along with supplying the industry newly trained candidates in a role facing a skills gap. This blog will highlight the benefits of a career in Drylining including a great salary, opportunity for career progression and a surplus in transferable skills gained in the role.

What is Drylining

Drylining is a multi-faceted role that involves constructing ceilings and wall linings. The purpose of drylining walls is to prepare the surface for decorations by creating a smooth surface. By applying a plasterboard to a wall, it is then easy to add a wallpaper or apply paint to, reducing the hassle of waiting for plaster to dry before painting.

There are different types of Dryliners:

  • Drylining Fixer = focuses on construction and putting together walls and ceilings based on the detailed plans
  • Drylining Finisher = ensures wall linings and ceilings are ready to be decorated

For our Skills Bootcamps, all candidates taking our training will be placed onto one of the following NVQs:

The benefits of being a Dryliner

Good Salary

Upon completion of our Skills Bootcamps, newly trained Dryliners can expect a salary of around £20k per annum. With more senior and experienced Dryliners earning in the region beyond £30k, a career in Drylining provides you the opportunity to earn a good salary as soon as you are trained.

Great Career Progression

Drylining provides great career progression for candidates through the 6 weeks training in our Skills Bootcamp. As mentioned, Drylining as a sector is facing a skills gap across the industry, therefore once qualified you will be in high demand from multiple contractors. Our commitment to all individuals taking our Skills Bootcamp is that once you complete your training and work placement, you will earn a Blue CSCS Skilled Worker card, showing both employers and construction managers that you are rightly qualified and aware of the health & safety protocols when working. Once gaining a blue CSCS card, the opportunities for progression to higher NVQs, such as supervisory positions, will be available.

Gain valuable transferable skills

One of the main benefits of becoming a Dryliner is the range of transferable skills you will gain through your work and training. These skills can include:

  • Communication
  • Working with numbers
  • Ideas implementation
  • Observation
  • Managing resources
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Plan development

Drylining is a great career option for individuals getting into the industry and we still have slots available in our Skills Bootcamps we are running through into 2023 so there is still time to apply now. We also are providing free training in Bricklaying, Site Supervision & Carpentry if another career path is more suited for you.


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