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Can I work without CSCS Card?

If you are an employee or worker of the construction industry, then you must have heard the name of the CSCS cards. The CSCS cards are the cards that are issued under the construction skills certification scheme. This is an organization that is basically owned by the construction industry that provides the certification of the qualifications and the training to the workers. The CSCS card is thus used for proving the competency of the work in a particular field. With this card, it is assumed that the worker or the employee has the appropriate qualifications that are to be required for working in the construction industry.

Getting a CSCS card is not a difficult task at all. The workers just have to undergo some training and have to give some tests after which they are issued with the CSCS card. Now the most common question asked by the workers in the construction industry is, “Can I work without CSCS card?” Well, the CSCS cards are not a legal requirement. These cards are introduced under the advice from the government, and this is the reason why lots of sites and major contractors use them. As per the Construction Leadership Council, from 2015, the only cards that will be accepted on the construction sites to prove the qualifications are the only CSCS cards.

CSCS cards are not dependent on the type of employment that the worker is undertaking. If the workeris working inthe construction industry, then CSCS card can be issued to him. If you are an owner of a bigger industry, then you will have to order in bulk for the CSCS cards for each and every employee of the firm.

Construction is indeed a risky and dangerous sector. The chances of the accidents can be easily reduced if the tradesmen that are employed at the construction site is well versed with the safer working techniques. Safety is not the only factor; efficiency and proficiency are also proved with these cards. In some of the construction industries, CSCS cards have become a must as their employment requirements.

The tradesmen who works in the core construction industry is eligible for this CSCS cards. To get such a certification, they must be having the nationally recognized qualification like NVQ. The different cards are issued for the different levels of the qualifications. These CSCS cards come with the validity period after they have to be renewed in some time period.

For getting the CSCS cards, it is mandatory for the tradesman to qualify the CITB test for health, safety, and environment within the last two years. Apart from the CITB test, you must have some other qualifications and have to take some other trainings and certifications. If you are looking to get a CSCS card, then the Construction Helpline is there to help you. We help the people in each and every step of the CSCS cards and provide them with great customer support to serve them.


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