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Health Safety Training for Working at Height

Can you do Health Safety Training for Working at Height

Working at height can be dangerous and risky. A lot of individuals work at height every day and thus they have to be careful as they carry the risk of their life and the general public at down. To ensure your safety while working at huge heights you should definitely go for a Health Safety Training.

Can an Individual really undergo Health and safety training?

If you work at longer than a reasonable height then the official authorities suggest that you go through a proper Health Safety Training so that you know the correct way to deal with things, up out there.

Is it easy to work at such a height?

Let us be straightforward and honest to you! It depends totally upon an individual. If you are someone who is scared of heights then we recommend you to stay away from working at such a high point. Whereas if you are someone who is enthusiast about the construction industry and trying out new adventures then working at such any high point can be quite interesting and fun for you. By going through proper health safety training, you can learn to work effectively and efficiently in your job role, no matter at what altitude you are situated.

Why to appear for Health Safety Training?

It doesn’t matter at what place you work, whether it is up in the air or at the ground, the official authorities (CSCS) has clearly said that the employee must possess required skills and competency for the work which can be proved by the completion of health safety training.

The employer who has been assigned to you will be responsible for the conduction of the training. It can be provided to individuals in professional areas like minor roof work, shelf stacking, solar panel installation, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, unloading a vehicle, machine maintenance, to name a few.

The course provided by Construction Helpline will include the necessary awareness education which will make one capable of working. If your company has a high risk assessment then more high level training would be provided to the individuals to enhance the knowledge and skills in depth to ensure proper smooth working within the organization.

Once the designed course has been successfully completed by any individual, he/she will be sent a quality assured certification that will act as the proof for your completion of the training. It will further ensure that you have the required competence. Our certifications are approved by the necessary authorities and our dedicated team ensures that they are following the proper guidelines while being developed. The course doesn’t carry any expiry date but as per some of the company policies, you may have to undergo the training every once in a while to ascertain that your knowledge and skills are fully intact.


We hope that this post would have given you an idea regarding the Health Safety Training. It’s also to note that just by going through this course, you don’t become eligible for working, and one must carry the CSCS Card qualification also with him/her.


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