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How to gain a Red CSCS card

Before acquiring a red CSCS card, it is important to note which type of red CSCS card you are getting and the requirements needed to attain that specific card type. This article will specify the different measures needed to gain all red CSCS cards to ensure that you will be able to get access on construction sites without any issues. 

What is a red CSCS card? 

CSCS cards in the UK are certified by the Construction Skill Certification Scheme, who have the goal of ensuring the safety of all construction sites by providing construction professionals physical cards that prove their on-site competency. All red CSCS cards are temporary, therefore you must be working towards a specific type of construction related qualification. 

How do I get a red CSCS card? 

For all red CSCS cards – Pass a CITB test 

Before applying for any red CSCS card, you must have passed a CITB Health, Safety & Environment test within the last 2 years of your card application. A CITB test shows that you are aware of the health and safety protocols when working on a construction project. The test is a total of 50 minutes and all participants are required a minimum score of 45/50 to pass. 

For a Red Trainee card 

If you wish to get a red CSCS trainee card, applicants must provide proof of registration onto their qualification by providing their full name along with the full qualification title of the course they are registered to. 

For a Red Apprentice card 

When applying for a red CSCS apprentice card, individuals must also provide proof of registration. This can be in the form of a letter/email from your apprentice training provider or your actual apprenticeship agreement. 

For a Red Experienced Worker card 

Applying for a red CSCS experienced worker card will require applicants to provide their full name and proof of registration onto a level 2 NVQ or construction related qualification equivalent. It is important that your date of registration is from the last 2 years. 

For a Red Experienced Technical, Supervisor or Manager (TSM) card 

Gaining a red CSCS experienced TSM card will require similar credentials to the ‘experienced worker’ red card. Applicants must provide their full name and proof of registration onto a level 3 construction NVQ with the full title, making sure the date of registration is from the last 2 years. 


At Construction Helpline, we provide all variations of red CSCS cards, as well as other educational construction products and services in order to help keep UK construction sites safe. Call us at 0207 199 9800 or visit our website to elevate or get your construction career started today! 


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