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How to get a CSCS Card for Bricklayer

It does not matter whether you are a standard labourer, site supervisor or a skilled worker, one should carry a valid CSCS card in order to secure a job at the construction site. A CSCS card is proof that employees have essential skills, innate abilities and Get your Bricklayer CSCS Card. One of the advantages of possessing a Bricklayer CSCS card is that they would get a job with a better pay experience to work as a Bricklayer. One of the advantages of possessing a Bricklayer CSCS card is that they would get a job with a better pay scale.

Why should employees hold a valid Bricklayer CSCS card?

The prospective employers have to make sure that personnel have the necessary qualifications in health and safety. Most of the organizations leverage CSCS card to keep track of attendance, training records and preserve payment details. There are quite a few who swipe the card in order to access construction sites.

How to obtain a Bricklayer CSCS card?

During the initial stage, candidates have to clear health, safety and environment test. This process is applicable for aspirants who prefer to work as a bricklayer. It is an excellent opportunity for them to upgrade from green card to red and blue CSCS card. CSCS course provides an overview of hidden dangers and dealing with hazardous materials.

Black and Gold CSCS cards are exclusively designed for site managers and supervisors.  If you desire to go for a Green CSCS card, they have to clear NVQ in bricklaying.

  • In Level 2 NVQ, students would get familiar with the fundamentals of bricklaying safety, refining masonry erection skills.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned, you will be acquainted with repair and maintenance of masonry structures, cladding, drainage, non-specialist concrete.

As soon as you have picked up a skill level, a valid Skilled Worker Level 2 CSCS card is issued to candidates based on their performance. However, Level 3 involves comprehensive training and an in-depth understanding of complicated tasks like trowel work and bricklaying. In this level, delegates are supposed to demonstrate their ability to maintain a good relationship with colleagues.

How to procure NVQ?

The best way to attain NVQ is to take part in on-site assessment or a practical assessment. Upon grabbing a valid bricklaying CSCS card, students will be considered eligible to apply for a job in the field of construction in the UK. It is also an opportunity for them to upgrade to the next higher level. Registering for a Bricklayer CSCS card is worth the price.

Construction helpline will be providing essential On-site assessment and Training Construction NVQ’s. Students do have the option to apply for the above-mentioned card by visiting the official site of the company. However, an aspirant should successfully clear Operative Health, Safety and Environment Test prior to application of Bricklayer CSCS card.

How much time will be required for the card to be delivered?

The estimated time taken for a CSCS card to be distributed is about three weeks. Upon receiving the card, students can apply for various construction sites located in the UK.

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