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How to Prepare Yourself for a CSCS Test?

One of the most impressive things to have as a construction worker is carrying a valid CSCS card. This license single-handily proves that an individual is skilled and technically sound and has a high understanding of health and safety practices. But to acquire a CSCS card, you must pass a CITB test as well as the CSCS Health and Safety exam. This is no easy feat, so we have written this blog to help you gain an understanding of how to prepare yourself for a CSCS test, and the key features that we offer.

How do you book a CSCS Test?

Booking a CSCS test is a straightforward process. At Construction Helpline, we have dedicated team that works around the clock to provide be spoke CSCS services for everyone’s needs. To book a CSCS test today, or even to just ask some information, please call us on 0207 199 9800 or visit our CSCS page on here

Do Not Worry About Not Passing the First Time

It is quite common for somebody to have a difficult day and forget the things they studied. That is why Construction Helpline offers CSCS test with retake packages. We do everything in our power to ensure that our candidates pass a CSCS test the first time, but in case they fail, we give them a second chance. This does not mean that you should not try your best the first time, that is why we suggest that you should familiarise yourself with our resources on the concepts and questions that will be asked. CSCS tests are conducted in a comfortable setting where you not distracted, rushed, or challenged.

Revise, revise, revise

The key to passing a CSCS, or CITB test is to consistently study. There is an abundance of useful information which you can find on the internet or on our website. We suggest that you create a timetable for you study regime, so that you have a clear understanding the topics you need to revise, and how much time you have for them.

Practice Tests

When it comes to preparing yourself for a test, one of the most useful ways to do this is by completing mock exams. A CSCS mock exam will give you the chance to see what sort of questions and topics will be asked, the way the questions are structured and how much time it takes you to answer each one. Once you go through a mock exam several times, you will retain a good memory of the test and be able to prepare yourself for the real one.

Format of the CSCS Test

A good tip to passing any test is to understand the format. The main CSCS test will consist of 38 health and safety questions. There will also be certain H&S protocols and concepts that you will be tested on through a 12-question case study. The time limit of this test will be 45 minutes and once you pass you will be eligible for CSCS cards.

We hope that you found this blog useful and now have a better understanding of CSCS cards, their importance and steps you need to take to pass a CSCS test. If you have any questions or would like to book CSCS test visit our website or call us on 0207 199 9800.


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