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Reasons to Choose CSCS Certification

Is CITB the same as CSCS?

CITB stands for the Construction Industry Training Board that is part of the skills council sector and the industry training board for the construction industry. This board works with the construction companies in order to improve the skills in the construction industry and to increase the competitive edge and how to respond to the challenges that the employers might face in the construction industries. This is an executive non-departmental public body that has got the sponsorship by the department for education. The CITB test and the CSCS are two different things.

CITB conducts the test for ensuring the health and safety of the environment while the CSCS test is conducted under the CSCS scheme in order to prove the competency of the skills of the workers in their works.

The CITB test is the Multiple-choice questions test that is based on the health, safety and environmental issues in the construction industry. This test is taken on the touch screen display and one can book the test at the accredited venues all over the UK. While the CSCS tests are conducted under the CSCS scheme that is for building the competency in the work. Under this scheme, the delegates are issued with the various CSCS cards that are their identification proof for their proficiency and competency in the work.

The CSCS card is becoming more demanding every day in the construction industry. In order to get a CSCS card, one has to first qualify the CITB test and the other qualifications required for that particular card.

If you are applying for the CSCS card, then you have to first prove that you have undergone the required training and qualification in order to carry out your role. Your qualification and the training will determine the type of CSCS card you should apply for.

For applying this, you must have first qualified the CITB test, which is conducted online. CITB Health and safety courses are first to be taken before giving the exam.

Before you apply for the exam you must be ready with the following things:

  • A debit or credit card to pay the fee of the exam
  • The complete employer’s detail and personal information
  • Valid id proof to prove the citizenship
  • The qualifications proof that you hold for a particular exam.
  • CITB registration number.

CSCS and CITB exams are the different exams but, in order to get the CSCS cards, one must have completely qualified the CSCS cards. In case if you are looking for the right CITB test centres around your city in the UK, the Construction Helpline can help you. We provide assistance to the workers to get their CSCS cards in minimal time possible. You can get assistance for all kinds of tests that will make you eligible to work in the construction industry and make you competent.


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