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the rise of women in construction

The Rise of Women in Construction – Raising awareness on the Organisations & Individuals breaking barriers in the Industry

The Rise of Women in Construction – Raising awareness on the Organisations & Individuals breaking barriers in the Industry 

When thinking about industries that are strongly dominated by men, construction is probably the most common that comes to mind. As of 2020, women make up 14% of the workforce in construction. This disparity is even more worrying when you realise that women make up 47% of all workforces. There are multiple factors that can explain this alarming figure – the lack of appeal to work in construction, to the unconscious gender bias from employers and even to the overall stigma of women working in construction itself. However, there are a number of incredible individuals and organisations that are breaking the mould by promoting gender inclusivity. We at Construction Helpline fully support these amazing women and organisations in their fight for a better and more inclusive workplace for women in construction. 

Women into Construction – Organisation 

Women into Construction is an independent, non-profit organisation that seeks to promote gender equality and eventually hopes to change the face of construction from being so male-centric. The Women into Construction project was originated from the development of the Olympic Park for the 2012 Summer Olympics to highlight the gender imbalance in construction. WiC believed that by increasing the number of women working in all areas of construction on such a high profile project would lead to a trickle-down effect in the industry, showing that women are highly motivated and capable of working on-site just like their male counterparts. The success from this project led the CITB to continue funding the project to other projects across London and throughout the rest of the country. 

WiC offers employment programmes across the country for women interested in a career in construction. This programme is eligible for women that are actively looking for work and includes CSCS training, employability training and work experience placements from participating employers and contractors. 

For more information on the employment programmes WiC offers, click here

Anjali Pindoria – Project Surveyor & Award Winning Advocate 

There are already inspirational women in construction that are already making an impact in changing the perception of the industry, and one of those women is Anjali Pindoria. Anjali is a project surveyor at Avi Contracts Ltd and a public speaker who is a proud advocate for inclusivity and diversity within construction. Anjali has worked with a number of organisations, such as Construction Helpline and the CITB, to discuss the lack of representation in construction and how it must be improved. 

Being awarded with ‘UK Construction Week Role Model’ in 2019 and the ‘Journeyman Constructor’ by the Worshipful Company of Constructors, Anjali is no stranger to the acclaim she has received for her work in presenting the industry in a more positive light towards BAME, women and youth. With a potential skills gap looming over the industry in the coming years, Anjali goal is to inspire the next generation of skilled workers from all backgrounds to fill this void. In an interview with Keltbray, Anjali advises anyone who wants to start a career in construction to use your time early in your career to learn and get involved in all aspects of your work as ‘knowledge is power’. With so many opportunities available, the more you learn starting out will benefit your career in the long-run. 

For more information on the latest endeavours Anjali is involved in, click here

Christina Demetriou – Experienced Tipper Driver & Gender Equality Advocate  

When it comes to women who are on the front lines of the industry, Christina Demetriou is one of those women encouraging more to be part of an industry that is broad with possibility. Christina is a 31-year-old tipper truck driver who works for RMS, Recycled Material Supply Ltd, transporting sand, hardcore materials, and soil across London. The Islington-native always had a love for driving, so after 2 years of bus driving for Islington council, she wanted a new challenge and thus decided to begin driving for construction. Christina has amassed a large following on social media by continuously empowering women to feel comfortable doing the uncomfortable, advising those who are thinking about a career in construction to ‘just go for it’:  

“I would definitely tell her to do it. Tell her to be confident and believe in herself … If you do not have confidence, you will not get anywhere, you need to tell yourself you can do it.” (1) 

Although Christina is passionate about being a role model in such a male prominent industry, she is a mother first, working from 6am-4pm in order to spend time with her 11 year-old daughter. Christina continues to praise women in construction and hopes to one day open her own tipper company, with all women drivers. 

To keep up with Christina on social media, click here 

Both Anjali and Christina have worked closely with us at Construction Helpline in trying to promote a more diverse, inclusive workplace in construction and we hope to continue working alongside these inspiring women and more in the future for our collective goals. 

We are in a time period where the industry is facing exponential growth while simultaneously facing a skills shortage with many workers reaching pension ages. Therefore, there is no better time than now to start your career in construction. Trusted affiliate sites such as Construction Helpline offer affordable, educational resources such as CSCS cardsCITB testsCSCS courses and NVQ courses, that will help you acquire the skills needed to work safely on-site; or you can call us at 0207 199 9800 today! 


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