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Why do i Need to Take a CSCS Test

What Documents/ID Do You Need to Bring to the CITB Test?

Since we are aware of the importance of the CITB test in getting a CSCS card, hence, you need to check for the required documentation at the time of appearing for a CITB test.

CITB has instructed to all the authorized test centers to see the valid documents of the applicants who appear for the test. The document assures that the applicant is authenticated. Test center will ask to show the photogenic ID of the applicant for the candidate authentication. This coud be either applicant’s UK driving license or a valid passpot, The passport should not be expired and if it is expired then it should not be for more then 6 months. If candidate does not carry the document at the test center his/her entery might be restricted at the test center.

If candidate does not have the mentioned photogenic ID, still he/she can apply for a CITB test with the help of waiver form. Waiver form is meant for those who does nt have the UK driving license and a passport. Candidate has to fill the waiver form as per the required information asked in the form then it needs to be signed by two government officials in United Kingdom who can authenticate the applicant. This needs to be presented at the test center instead of photogenic ID.

Once you are in the examination room after showing your valid photogenic ID, test center requires a photograph of yours from head to shoulder in a plan white background in a passport style. You do not have to carry your photograph at the test center as this is the responsibility of CITB to click a photograph of the candidate to make sure that he/she is the right candidate. Test center use the same photograph clicked at the center to reflact at the CITB online card checker, where candidate’s test result gets published.

You can get a positive result after writing the CITB test, by putting your overall efforts and obeying test instructions successfully.

Which are the documents or IDs you need to bring for the CITB test?

Please guarantee that you own the correct ID before you attend the CITB test. Everyone who is going to attend the exam must bring with them the following modes of identification:

  • You required to provide a form of photo identity that bears a signature.
  •  Your photo is compulsory.
  • Bring your Passport or driving license (if you have). 

When you would not have these records, you can provide any of the two legitimate id proofs. One of them must include your latest photo and signature. If you want to seek advice on the needed documents for your CSCS test, simply ask – or refer to the full list of appropriate identification in the Identification policies were given on the official website 

Once you have completed the CSCS Health and Safety Test, the authority will send your documents to the concerned body and start your CSCS card application on your account. For more details contact the team of Construction Helpline.


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