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What Jobs Can I Get with an NVQ Qualification

In the world of construction, the focus has now shifted to personal development, up skilling, and education. As companies across the UK are being battered by Brexit and COVID-19 it is vital that workers go beyond their skill set and deliver new capabilities for construction companies. People that are trying to land an impressive construction job without holding a relevant NVQ will find it difficult to be hired, as construction companies across the UK perceive this qualification as a pre-requisite to any job.

What is a Construction NVQ?

A construction NVQ is a practical course that teaches people new skills and expertise in a specific construction field. If you are wanting to streamline your construction career this is the qualification that you should be pursuing.

When you complete a Construction NVQ training course, you will be advancing your career, giving you a chance of getting the job you’ve always dreamt of. There are four levels of Construction NVQ within the construction industry dependent on what stage you’re on in your career:

  • Operative NVQ 2
  • Supervisor NVQ 3
  • Site Manager NVQ 6
  • Project/Contract Manager or Director 7

If you have completed a construction NVQ qualification it will help you land any type of construction job. This qualification is an industry-standard, which all construction companies require from you. A Construction NVQ is also requirement for when you apply to a CSCS card.Many construction employers require higher level CSCS card which cannot be obtained without a Construction NVQ

Construction NVQ is your qualification that is required to obtain a CSCS Card.

The CSCS card is your work pass, which entitles you to officially work in England in your construction profession. Cards are categorized by colour and profession.

Level 1 – CSCS Labourer Card (this card will require an HS&E Operative test)

The Green CSCS Card is the starting level from which you can start for newly arrived people who wish to work in this area. It is inexpensive and obtained in a short time.

NVQ 2 – CSCS Skilled Worker Card

The Blue CSCS card is issued to people in their specialty. This is the most common card among workers by profession, carpenters, painters, people working with drywall, etc. Your specialty is indicated on the back of the card.

NVQ 3 – CSCS Advanced Craft / Supervisory Card

There are two types of gold cards. By specialty and supervisor card.After obtaining the qualification, you will be issued an unlimited diploma that does not require further retake.

Some cards will also require a Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) computer test. If you have already passed this test – make sure that 2 years have not passed since the date of its passing.

What will work be like with a Construction NVQ?

In large construction companies, the work schedule does not depend on seasonality. Progressive technologies and CSCS cards allow construction work to be carried out regardless of the season and weather conditions. There is also a positive aspect in seasonal work – high earnings during peak periods allow you to earn enough money to devote long breaks to family and rest or to take up small individual orders.

List of construction roles that you get with a construction NVQ

  • Construction foreman
  • Construction manager
  • Operations manager
  • Site manager
  • Painter & Decorator
  • Forklift driver
  • Ground worker
  • Electrician
  • Engineer

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