CITB Test for Professionals and Managers

Why do you need Revision Material to pass the CITB Test?

For passing the CITB health, safety and environment test, you need to pass the examination where you will get 50 multiple choice questions to complete in 45 minutes which is not that easy. For passing this CITB test you should have a proper knowledge on health and safety topics by which you could easily pass out the exam for it. If you are planning to appear this test for the first time we advise you to go for the revision material which is available in DVD’s, Books and documents regarding the test with us.

To apply for a CSCS Card you need to pass CITB health, safety and environment test which can easily be cleared by practicing mock test and reading revision material, you can find relevant revision material to prepare this exam with construction helpline limited.

The requirement of revision material is needed for the applicant who is applying for this CITB test for the first time or who have not cleared it in first attempt with the detailed information on Health, safety and environment you can prepare for your test with this revision material.

Types of Revision Material are available:-

  • Mock test and DVD’s
  • Setting out Videos
  • Question and Answer Book

We at Construction Helpline help you to get CSCS Card by providing revision material for CITB health, safety and environment test you can easily find on our website about the availability of latest 2020 revision material. You just need to fill your information and can get your product at your doorstep with email notification.

For CITB test you need information which is related to health, safety and environment to appear the exam. Before appearing for your exam you will get a complete knowledge what types of multiple questions you may get in the exams and if you have already prepared with these topics in revision material then it would be very easier for you pass this test and then you can easily get your CSCS card for construction job. In this multiple question you can read the question and quickly tick the correct answer which you have read in the revision material before.

An appropriate supporting knowledge material can help you to pass your test may be for the first time, but still if you applied for your test and it has not been cleared the don’t need to worry just ask for the revision material from Construction helpline limited with detailed information.

The revision material is as important as you are applying for CSCS card so if you are planning to attempt this testyou should prepare for your test with the help of this material so that you will not find any difficulties at the time on test.

Now it very easy to get revision material, you can mail us at or call us on 02071999800 or you can directly purchase from here by visiting on this link


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