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Why Should You Pursue a Construction Career in the UK?

Construction may be one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The demand for specialists, labourers and workers is steadily increasing due to the number of new projects being taken and new ideas being implemented. Before we begin this article, we want to highlight that without construction qualifications and health and safety knowledge it will be extremely difficult for a worker to pursue a construction career in the UK.

Large flow of Foreign Investment

The UK is a worldwide interest, and one of the main reasons this European country is popular with overseas investors is for its open property laws. Unlike many other countries that pose significant obstacles to potential foreign investors or, in some cases, outright bans, the UK does not impose any restrictions at all. That is, anyone can buy or build a house in the UK!

Plus, Stamp Duty remains the same no matter where you come from, all nationalities are eligible to own one or more properties in the UK and most are eligible for investment loans if needed. The resource whiteinvestor.com will help you understand all the tax nuances and give you information on other types of taxation in Britain.

Political and Economic Stability

And Britain’s substantial political and economic stability has historically acted as a solid foundation for investor safety.

Yes, Britain recently had a controversial vote for Brexit and a sudden change of prime minister, but in general terms, this is just a ripple that has not affected the real estate market. Moreover, after a while, it only strengthened the position of the British market among other European countries.

Britain is still at the top of the table in international affairs – one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council; it is a founding member of NATO and one of the G8 countries, representing the most powerful industrialized democracies in the world.

This key position in the global order provides significant market protection and investment security.

Transparent Legal System

The UK also has one of the most transparent legal systems in the world, as reflected in Britain’s relatively simple property laws. Unlike many other property markets, UK property laws are clear, property registration is straightforward, tax structures are favourable, and there is no culture of corruption.

Real estate professionals such as lawyers and surveyors require formal qualifications and are regulated by officially recognized trade bodies, while real estate agents are bound by the Real Estate Agents Act 1979.

Any dispute between a buyer, seller or agent will be resolved by an independent and impartial property ombudsman.

The weak pound also means that a UK university degree will be more affordable for international students and leave little better for life – such as comfortable, modern, well-equipped student apartments right on the doorstep of the university.

Meanwhile, for foreign investors, British real estate is always a strong, profitable, and safe asset that is even more valuable than it has been for generations.

The first step in achieving a successful career in this industry to complete construction qualifications. At Construction Helpline we have a dedicated team that will assist you through every stage of the process and ensure that you will pass the course. Now is the perfect time to improve your skillset and knowledge so call us on 0207 199 9800 or visit our website.


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