Construction Helpline Who are we?

Construction Helpline’s aim is to make construction sites safer and more efficient. This is being achieved through of the delivery of online training that helps workers to get on site faster without compromising health and safety standards. It’s our small contribution to the ongoing efforts to digitise construction, as the industry seeks to drive better outcomes for its people and communities. We continue to work with our partners, organisations and attend events to explore progressive alternatives to alleviate the training experience for learners and the industry to the next level. When paired with Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and virtual reality, Construction Helpline’s training courses offer a dynamic future for the construction sector.

For over ten years Construction Helpline has provided over 300,000 CSCS cards and 200,000 health and safety courses. All Construction Helpline online courses are adaptable to reflect the nature of modern construction. Construction Helpline’s health and safety courses aim to equip attendees with the practical knowledge required to work safely and confidently onsite. The courses help to identify and minimise risks, making construction sites safer for everyone.

Construction Helpline courses cover CITB Tests (Health and Safety Environment Course), Construction NVQ Training, CITB CSCS card acquisition and supplying revision materials for CITB tests.

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Construction Helpline Our milestones

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150,000 people over the last 5 years

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300,000 physical CSCS cards to labourer

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Nearly 200,000 courses to date

Construction Helpline Our strategy

We are determined to make construction sites safer and more efficient. Our health and safety courses aim to equip attendees with the practical knowledge required to work safely onsite. With over ten years’ experience in the construction and built environment sector providing CSCS cards and health and safety training, Construction Helpline is enabling construction sites to run effectively and getting workers on site faster.

We have trained more than 150,000 people over the last five years, helping them through the CITB Health & Safety test in order to get a CSCS card. We also offer a variety of NVQ courses. We provide testing in different languages and can deliver training to large groups as well as individuals. Construction Helpline is investing in technology which allows us to continue to provide high quality, timely construction training to keep the industry safe and moving forward. Our recently developed Online Site Safety (OSS) e-assessment platform allows construction workers to study for and take their health and safety test from anywhere, through an online portal. Once passed, the system will automatically update their CSCS card.

To prevent fraud, our e-assessment system is underpinned by a robust online invigilation process. In addition, by using blockchain technology we ensure that all candidates’ personal information is encrypted and held securely. The information can never be altered or replicated, eradicating any concerns regarding fraud.

Our mission

"To provide high quality, timely construction training that keeps the industry safe and forever moving forward."