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RT61 Appointed Person Test

RT61 Appointed person test is for any individual who wants to seek his career in the construction industry. On completion of the test, you may have multiple opportunities within the construction industry. You will be responsible to look after safety kits and equipment at the work site. Apart from this, you will also be trained for handling crane operation and lift operation services at the job site.

Candidates clearing this test will also be eligible to handle any emergency related situations and facilities at the work site. They are also eligible to offer with coverage and assistance at the time of emergency in case senior first aider services are not available.

What is the RT61 Appointed Person?

Construction helpline offers candidates with convenience to appear for the RT61 test at primary and advanced levels. The test will offer candidates with exposure to the roles he is supposed to perform at the work site.

  • The candidate will be exposed to the required knowledge that he must have in order to apply as a professional worker at the construction site.
  • He also gets a chance to polish his skills with knowledge related to safety and health training at the workplace.

Along with improving knowledge, the test will also offer candidates with a chance to qualify for a valid CSCS card once you hold your required qualifications.

Why it is required?

One of the major advantages of opting for this test is that the candidate will be exposed to the work requirements in advance, before applying for the relevant work card within his area of expertise.

Depending on his level of skill, he is expected to appear for the relevant test and register for the construction worker card. The test will also offer the candidate with a competency that is required to be fulfilled by him at the workplace. Based on his skills he can apply for operative, managers or a professional test.


The test is available for candidates who wish to get started with their career freshly in the construction industry. Candidates who are already working in this industry can also opt for the test to upgrade and be eligible for a higher job position.

  • In order to apply for the test, it is important for the candidate to hold all qualifications that are required. The candidate must have his academic certification and CPCS course certification concerned to the relevant field.
  • In case the candidate is applying for upgrading his card, then he may have to provide with documents related to past experience.
  • Eligible candidates need to complete desired hours of training within the construction site working in a relevant job position.

It is also important for the candidate to apply for the test before his construction worker job card gets expired.

How to apply?

The process of applying for a CPCS renewal test is simple. Interested candidates can get registered online on the official website. You can also log on to construction helpline and collect information related to the RT61 Appointed person test. They provide with facilities to offer course materials for candidates and help them appear for the CIBT tests.

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