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Trenchers Level 2 NVQ

Trencher operators intending to procure Red Trained Operator Card need to take part in CPCS test. NVQ level 2 Trenchers course is ideal for the ones who consider establishing a career in the field of testing. One of the benefits while applying for Trencher Operator Training is that candidates would get a deeper insight into the teaching methodology. Students will be under constant supervision during practical and theory tests.

Course details

It is a three-four days course that covers theoretical, practical exercises and one day final assessment. Operators with minimum or no prior experience may apply for the above-mentioned course. Each training sessions are organized at one of the training centres as prescribed in guidelines. CITB grant is also available for candidates who successfully complete NVQ Level 2 Trencher Qualification.

Theory includes a verbal test wherein concerned tester asks a list of questions. Practical test covers the following:

  • Travelling and manoeuvre in narrowed and wide spaces
  • Performing checks and pre-start
  • Loading materials to the vehicles
  • Approaching parking spots at the desired speed
  • Execute shutdown and securing procedures.

What is meant by a Trencher Machine?

Trencher Machine is massive equipment that is designed to dig trenches to install the drainage system, electrical cables and pipes. A trencher is also used to create trench warfare at the warfront.  There are wide ranges of trenchers that differ in sizes. Tractors and skid loader are just to name a few. Some of the different types of trenchers are as follows:

1. Wheel trencher:-

Wheel trencher consists of a toothed metal wheel. Its operations can be carried out with ease when compared to a standard chain-type trencher. This type of trencher is best suited for hard, dry and soft surfaces. Wheel trenchers are utilized to break pavements for construction and maintenance of the road. It is designed in such a way that machine penetrates deep into the soil that reduces ground pressure and weight. Cutting components are installed all over the wheel. It can be replaced and adjusted accordingly.

2. Chain trencher:-

Chain trenchers share similar features to that of a huge chainsaw. Digging chain or a belt is used to cut soil. These equipments are ideal to break hard surfaces with the help of a bucket-type excavator. It also has the capacity to slice deep and narrow trenches. Depth of the cut can be managed by properly aligning the rounded metal frame. In order to effectively break a trench, a metal frame is placed at an angle enabling the machine to proceed further. They are primarily meant to install drainage systems, gas pipelines, electrical cables, etc. in the rural area. It takes advantage of a conveyor belt in order to remove remaining materials present on the surface.

Interested candidates need not hesitate to visit the official site that offers CPCS training course. It provides comprehensive details on qualification and experience required prior to registration. Trusted advisors are also available to clarify doubts with respect to the course.

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