CITB Test for Professionals and Managers

CITB Test for Managers and Professionals

Have you got aspirations to be a manager in a construction firm? Well then you’ll need an NVQ Level 4 or above to get a CSCS Black Managers Card. Have you got the necessary NVQ Qualifications already? Then great, you’re officially one step closer to your goal! Now all you’ll need to do is take the CITB Test for Managers and Professionals.

So what qualifications do I need to get the CSCS Black Managers Card?
You’ll need to take the appropriate NVQ Level 4 or above relevant to your trade.

I have the necessary qualifications. What’s the next step?
The next step is to book a CITB Test for Managers and Professionals. Without taking – and passing – this test, you won’t be able to get a CSCS Card and get on site.

What’s this test all about?
It’s a 45-minute touchscreen test consisting of 50 questions – 12 based on behavioral case study while the rest test your health and safety knowledge. You need to score 42 out of 50 to pass.

How do I prepare for the test?
As is the case with any test you take, revision is a great way (arguably the only way!) to prepare. With a DVD (containing an 11-minute video to help you answer the 12 behavioral case study questions), revision book and even an app (CITB MAP test). You have all the resources you need to help you pass the test.

What if I fail the test?
If you fail the test, you’ll be able to book another test 48 hours after taking your original test?

I’ve passed the test. What now?
Well first of all congratulations! Now all you have to do is wait for your card to cone through your letter box.

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