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Health Safety Courses for Manual Handling

Get Online Health Safety Courses for Manual Handling

Manual Handling may seem like an easy and straightforward thing but trust us it is not that simple as it is portrayed! The manual handling cases are the most common ones reported every year and the only way to stop them is by training individuals through Health Safety Courses designed specifically for Manual Handling.

The manual handling training courses provided by Construction Helpline will help individuals and organizations with the required information and training. Right from risks association to control measures, everything will be taken care of in our health safety courses.

Who Can Take The Course?

The appropriate course can be undertaken by those who are into manual handling operations like heavy manual labourers, warehouse and factory staff, office workers, farm hands, delivery drivers, construction and building site workers, to name a few.

Are our courses legal?

The health safety courses of Construction Helpline have worldwide recognition. Many people of the construction industry who are doing good today, have studied from our courses only. Some may give us credit, some may not, that depends upon the character of the person, but our concern isn’t that, it’s just to let you know our reach so that you can be assured. While talking about the legal aspect, we are totally certified and legally regulating under the appropriate authorities’ permission.

What are the certification details?

Once an individual has successfully completed the training course, he or she will be awarded the certificate of completion. It will be provided in the both hard and soft copy so that it can work as proof whenever and wherever needed in whatever form. The certification will play a major role, and you may not understand its importance in the initial phase but trust us, it will act very beneficial for you in the long run as it will act as the proof for audit and compliance.

All of our courses are developed under the supervision of the professionals so that people can rely and trust on us. The certification provided to you will be free of any expiry date but at certain cases, some organization may tend to undergo training at frequent intervals to make sure that all of the working force in the manual operations is having their solid foundation cleared in manual handling. The frequent interval of re-conduct of training may seem like a burden to some but we believe, the organization is just acting on its part so that everything carries on smoothly.


We hope that you would now know from where you can extract the best of the best health safety courses for manual handling. If you feel that you like our course or are still in confusion then feel free to reach out to us as we can get you cleared with everything and for the clearance of doubts, a demo may also be provided. We don’t guarantee you for the demo as there’s no fixed policy regarding it but in certain cases, we may take the initiative. It depends upon the situation and executive. So just call us now to know more!


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