What are the Skills Needed for Construction Careers?

Specialised construction skills include masonry, carpentry, grouting, plumbing, and the installation of certain types of equipment. In the world of construction, this list can go on and on. When applying for a construction role, be sure to tell your potential employer which of these tasks you have experience with and what kind of skills or qualifications you have, even if it is not directly related to the job you are applying for. Employers typically value versatile workers who can take on additional tasks as needed.

It is imperative that you pursue construction qualifications if you want to achieve a successful career in construction. Construction Helpline offers an abundance of industry-leading construction qualifications such as CSCS cards, CITB tests, NVQ’s and CITB qualifications. It is now 2021, and the world has become a totally different place. Companies, organisations, and people have a lot less financial freedom to hire personnel – so now the emphasis has been put on up skilling and gaining fresh qualifications.

Physical Skills

As a builder, you not only have to be strong and agile, but you also have to be smart about how you use your body. Correct ergonomics, including correct posture and attention to safety, can prevent painful and costly accidents (late-career injuries are not just for athletes). Bad habits on the construction site can also lead to repeated minor injuries that young, healthy people may ignore. Moreover, correct movement is more efficient and effective in completing projects. Work with your mind, not strength.

Technology and Office Skills

Construction companies, like all businesses, need a budget, planning, recordkeeping, and marketing to stay afloat. If you have office skills, including knowledge of word processing, software publishing, good telephone etiquette, good organisational and communication skills, you can be a vital asset in the company. Even if you spend most of your time on site, being able to come to the office as needed is especially important if, for whatever reason, the office is understaffed.

Management Skills

Obviously, not all builders need management or leadership skills, but having them certainly gives you more options in your career. Site management, costing and price negotiation, quality control and customer engagement are all essential skills for builders of any ambition.

Design and Planning

Whether you are designing a project yourself or following someone else’s plan, you need to know how to read the plan. You also need to understand the design well enough that you can spot problems and quickly find a solution for them. Being able to make decisions swiftly, for example, deciding which materials to use or how to plan the next stage of a project, is the centre piece of superior design thinking.

Codes and Regulations

As a construction worker, you will obey building codes, environmental codes, safety codes, and labour agreements. While entry-level workers will not be responsible for adhering to these rules, training will run smoother if you already know the rules. Inspectors would appreciate it if you know what information they need to visit the site.

There is also the possibility that your employer – or your site manager, with or without your employer’s knowledge – could be breaking the rules. Your personal safety, as well as the safety of your client and those who live and work near your site, may depend on your acceptance and response to the problem.

CSCS tests, CITB examinations and NVQ training courses are industry leading construction qualifications that ALL construction professionals should obtain. We strongly advise you that you contact our trainers & assessors on 0207 1999 9800 and book a construction course as soon as possible.


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