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How to Book CSCS Course in Andover

Andover is a small town located in the English county of Hampshire passes through the Rive Anton. The majority of the workers in Andover involved in the field of construction is not familiar with the CSCS card system and procedure for application. There are quite a few who encounter issues while applying for a Green laborer card. As a result, it is mandatory for employees to know how to apply for a CSCS course in Andover.

What it the purpose of organizing CSCS course in Andover?

CSCS course is aimed towards making sure that delegates are well aware of their roles and responsibilities such as:

  1. Risk assessments and method statements
  2. Contributing towards safety and security of fellow employees in work place
  3. By end of the course,  delegates will be able to know how to prevent potential hazards at construction site
  4. They would get familiar with health and safety laws
  5. Get to know about how to exactly fit their roles in controlling and managing the site
  6. Report unsafe activities to prevent cause of accident

According to latest updates, format of CSCS course in Andover have changed. This indicates that pass rate and scoring system have changed.

  1. CSCS operative test mark pass mark is about 45/50
  2. CSCS specialist test mark pass mark is about 45/50
  3. CSCS managers and professionals pass mark is 46/50

The test comprises of fifty questions that is meant to determine knowledge of candidates. The test consists of questions based on behavioral case studies. As a result, scoring pattern is quite easy to perceive.

Case studies

There are about twelve questions from four case studies. Each CSCS case study comprises of three questions. Candidates are required to score maximum twelve points from case studies.

CSCS Operative test pass mark

CSCS course is primarily conducted to make sure that workers involved in the field of construction have in-depth knowledge about each topic.

The cost of the training varies depending upon the location of the candidates. Fortunately, there is numerous financial support available to support prospective employees and self-employed people.

Some of the funding options available are as follows:

  1. Grant system and CITB levy are offered to support employees in the workplace.
  2. It is the right of an employee to ask their employer if they have registered with CITB. If the answer is yes, an employee can claim a grant during the course.

Local funding can be accessed to provide support training needs. CSCS suggests delegates to contact concerned training providers to discuss about available funding.

CSCS course is one of the best options to prove a candidate’s skills and expertise in the field of construction.  They are not required to carry supporting documents in order to access the site. However, delegates should perform well at exam by taking maximum number of revision. It will be helpful for them to appear for test and succeed in procuring a valid CSCS certificate. Visit official site of Construction Helpline for more details.

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