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How to Book COTS Course in Nottingham

For new aspiring candidates, COTS Course in Nottingham offers with the best opportunity for completing the course and getting certified online itself. This course is an ideal option for candidates who want to get a job within the construction work site. The opportunity is available for candidates who are looking around to join the construction site as scaffolding operations jobs.

The certification is accredited such that the candidate will not have to prove his eligibility in order to get recruited by the employer. Fresh and existing scaffolding labor employees are free to apply for this course to get certified.

What is this?

The COTS Course is considered as accredited certification course verified by CISRS and CITB authorities. The course is one of the ways that the candidate can make use of for being a part of the construction industry.

On completion of the course, the candidate is awarded Green Labourer CSCS Card under the scaffolding category. This offers the candidate with eligibility to be a professional scaffolder at the entry or professional level.

The candidates who are already a part of the construction industry are also eligible to get registered and appear for the test. The course also offers candidates with a small duration of training session that will help candidates polish their skills to perform better in this field.

As the authorities have only permitted experienced and certified applicants to join the construction industry so it is obvious that the course will be considered as a basic qualification that any candidate in the industry is expected to have.

Why it is required?

The course is mandatory by authorities and so it will help declare the candidate as eligible to work in this industry. The course will also help the candidate polish his basic and advanced level skills to get started with a job search within Nottingham and nearby areas.

In order to get certified the candidate is provided with an opportunity to enroll for the course online itself. The entire training program and course tests are conducted by the authorities as per the national standards.

The course has been designed by authorities for candidates keeping in mind that basic knowledge that he is expected to possess when applying for the job position. The certification offered at the end of the course certifies the candidate for his expertise in the field.


The course requires some basic criteria level that is expected to be met by each of the candidates who wants to get registered for this course. It is expected that the candidate at entry-level should have appeared for the touch screen test issued by the health and safety authorities CSCS.

Any candidate who is already working within the construction line should also submit details related to their past work experience along with a minimum level labor card. Along with this, the candidate will also have to submit a copy of their CSCS H&S card issued by authorities within the past two-year time frame.

How to apply?

The candidate can now place their application online for CSCS Test or CITB test at web site. You can get registered for this test or course officially at Candidates can collect all details related to COTS Course in Nottingham online via Construction Helpline.

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